10 Best Anthology Series, Ranked

It’s never been so exciting to be a fan of television. Jhe medium has even eclipsed the heights of the cinematic experience in many ways. Television keep pushing the limits with the niche stories and high budgets that make anything seem possible on the medium. There are merits to strong, serialized stories, but anthology series that are tied together by genre, theme, or property, have an even greater level of freedom.

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The television has experimented with anthologies for decades, but the structure of storytelling has seen such a revival in recent years and there are now more anthology series than ever before. These types of stories aren’t going anywhere, so now’s a great time to think about which anthology series is the strongest to reach support.

ten American Crime Story Properly Channels Ryan Murphy’s Signature Excess

sterling k brown american crime story

The modern anthology boom has a lot to do with the success Ryan Murphy has had in his many genre-based anthology series. There are ten seasons of american horror story, but the show’s background is very inconsistent. Alternately, American crime history only has three seasons, but they’re strong across the board and contain some of Murphy’s best work. The anthology series breaks down another high-profile crime in a single television season, leading to phenomenal performances. Murphy has even more anthology series on the way, but it will be hard to reach the same heights as History of American Crime.

9 Are you scared of the dark? Tells stories that terrify children and adults

Are you afraid of the black jester

Anthology series work great for a younger demographic and can work as perfect gateways to get kids into genres like horror and sci-fi. There are many scary anthology series for children, but Are you scared of the dark? is the star. It features 100 episodes of satisfying campfire stories that will keep kids and adults entertained, with some legitimately spooky entries. The entire Midnight Society framing device is also just as lovely. The anthology series has cultivated an impressive legacy that has even led to a modern take on it.

8 Dark Side Tales Are Full Of Evil Beasts And Dark Twists

TV Tales of the Dark Side Monster in the Closet

The 80s and 90s were rich in horror anthologies. Programs like Monsters and that of Rod Serling night gallery are worth it, but it’s Tales from the dark side which functions as a worthy companion to anthology heavyweights like Tales from the Crypt and The twilight zone.

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The George A. Romero-produced horror series is consistently entertaining, and the majority of episodes have extremely satisfying twists. There’s also a playful practical nature to the creatures that appear in the series. Episodes like “Halloween Candy” and “Sorry, Right Number” are some of the strongest and most the movie version also stands out with the best horror movie anthologies.

7 Fargo is a complex crime saga with many moving parts

Awesome, Noah Hawley’s crime anthology series, Fargo, uses the entire Coen Brothers filmography to influence the series’ many stories, but never directly adapts the events of a film. Each season is set in a different decade that is able to deconstruct a different facet of society and corruption, all of which feature remarkable casts. Each of the Fargo’s The seasons tell distinct stories that stand on their own, but a growing number of connections have formed between the show’s various sagas, which has been satisfying for devoted fans to discover.

6 Channel Zero uses Creepypasta Lore to inspire terrifying visuals

Zero Butchers Block Monsters TV Channel

Anthology series are the most abundant when it comes to the horror genre, but few are able to get under the skin of the public and really disturb at the level of String zero. The program quietly produces four of tv’s most annoying seasonsall of which are inspired by another internet urban legend “creepypasta”. Channel Zero short six-episode seasons elegantly unveil heartbreak, abuse, mental illness and more. However, each season also contains a monster that is pure nightmare fuel, with characters such as Pretzel Jack and the entire Peach family.

5 Black Mirror teases humanity’s fear of technology

Prime Minister set to film with a pig in Black Mirror's

Society’s growing reliance on technology is only every episode of black mirror, the dark tech-focused British anthology series, hit a little harder. Audiences joke that more and more of the episode’s storylines have become a reality, which can certainly be worrying as the lines between art and real life become blurred.

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The show’s interests and tone broadened after the British series became a Netflix production, but it’s still able to tell foreboding stories that are both chilling and insightful. Even the worst episode of black mirror will present interesting ideas.

4 Inside No. 9 deconstructs genre and storytelling to create incredible stories

TV Inside No. 9 Models

Interior No. 9 quietly shelved six of the best anthology storytelling seasons on TV. Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton write each episode and usually star in each episode, all of which take place within the confines of a different “number nine”, whether it’s an apartment number or the house tag. a police car. Interior No. 9 generally heads into dark territory with exceptional twists, but each entry is very different. Interior No. 9 always pushing boundaries with its storytelling, such as one episode that’s done without dialogue, another that’s entirely through iambic pentameter, and one that’s contained in CCTV surveillance footage.

3 Alfred Hitchcock presents effortlessly loses its outstanding audience

Alfred Hitchcock is considered a master of thriller storytelling through his cinematic contributionsbut his anthology series, Alfred Hitchcock presents, marked the television industry just as much. Hitchcock’s introduction to each episode, as well as the show’s theme song, are iconic in their own right and there are over 350 high-quality storytelling episodes that span horror, thrillers and crime escalation. Alfred Hitchcock presents helped launch many careers, but Hitchcock also directed over a dozen of the show’s best entries and was deeply involved.

2 Tales From The Crypt Is A Classic Horror And Genre With A Featured Host

TV Tales of the Conjoined Twin from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt, which draws inspiration from the various pulpy genre stories from various EC Comics labels, is a landmark anthology series. the seven seasons of the series on HBO leads to a high level of talent engaging both behind and in front of the camera. The series tells very compelling horror stories that know how to effectively lean into B-movie territory, but it’s even more fun when the likes of Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks are the stars. There are many successful horror anthology series, but there is only one Cryptkeeper.

1 Nothing beats contemplative tales of the terror of the Twilight Zone

twilight zone doll

The twilight zone and Rod Serling’s sly, authoritative bookends to staggering bits of storytelling have much set the standard for how the bulk of anthology series are put together. The incredible quality behind the original blurred area 50s and 60s is really on a whole other level, especially since most of the scripts are written by Serling himself or Richard Matheson. The iconic twists behind each episode are also the benchmark that all other anthologies strive to achieve. All the following blurred area the remakes, while inferior to the original, still manage to tell creative stories.

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