10 Best Horror Video Games On PlayStation 5, According To Metacritic

With the most recent resident Evil gaming and a bunch of indie horror titles getting PlayStation 5 ports, Sony’s next-gen console has horror fans covered. Along with full horror titles, there are tons of alternative games that mix horror with lots of action and exploration for those who like to mix things up.

With a huge variety of games now available on the platform, it’s up to review aggregator Metacritic to sort out the best from the worst in the horror genre. When it comes to critical acclaim, horror titles define the PS5 experience.


ten Dying Light 2 Stay Human – 76

Dying Light 2 Zombie

An open-world survival horror with lots of action, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the perfect sequel to 2015 dying light. Released earlier this year, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world following a zombie outbreak and it does a great job of making it fun and scary to explore.

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Although not as revolutionary as the first title, Dying Light 2 is better in many ways with a better movement system and of course, great visuals. The story isn’t anything special either, but for fans of the first game and survival horror fans in general, there’s a lot to enjoy in this sequel.

9 Back 4 Blood – 77

Promotional image for the multiplayer game Back 4 Blood

Although the left for dead the games are remembered more for their impact on the co-op shooter genre than anything horror-related, there’s no denying the zombie-based scares the series manages to deliver throughout. Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to those games and when it comes to smooth combat, zombie thrills and lots of co-op FPS fun, it delivers on expectations.

Some technical issues as well as a new card system to get used to meant the game received a mixed response from fans, although the overall response from critics was favourable. In the end, there’s still the same joy of slaughtering zombies at Back 4 Blood which made the first two titles so popular, and with cross-platform play, there’s no reason not to get it for the PS5.

8 Observer: Redux System – 77

The Observer: System Redux title screen.

A futuristic psychological horror from the developer behind Layers of fearObserver wowed critics and fans with its amazing design and world concept when it was first released in 2017. Redux system is the upgraded version with even more impressive visuals, better gameplay, and more story content.

In a unique cyberpunk world set in the city of Krakow in 2084 where technology has advanced to the point that human brain implants are the norm, a mind-bending tale of paranoia unfolds. There are a few mediocre entries into the cyberpunk genre, but this slick title is definitely not one of them.

7 Alan Wake Remastered – 79

With the recent announcement that a Alan Wake TV series is on the way, there’s no better time to invest in the psychological thriller that was already perfectly structured for a TV show. Presented in an episodic format with cliffhangers to boot, Alan Wake brought to life the compelling story of its eponymous fictional author.

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Despite this focus on the story, the gameplay did not let Alan Wake down either as the remaster brings new visual appeal to a game that already didn’t look bad at all. With both additional DLC and a commentary track from writer Sam Lake, there’s enough extra stuff in Alan Wake Remastered to make it worth playing.

6 Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! – 80

Visual Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Nintendo Switch

A high school literature club is the perfect place to share poetry and for romance to blossom. Doki Doki Literature Club. Unfortunately for the titular character, it’s also the setting for one of the biggest psychological horror hits of the 2010s. Presented in a visual novel format with some clever twists, the original was a masterclass in the foreshadowing and subversion of player expectations.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! brings tons of new content and bonuses to the experience so players can relive the intensity of the original or experience the gripping story for the first time. The new version also comes with improved visuals, which makes it better for the latest generation of platforms like the PS5.

5 Face: Enhanced Edition – 81

A screenshot from the horror video game Face.

A very well-executed horror title set in a strange and ever-changing suburban house, Face manages to be one of the best horror games on PS5 without doing anything too innovative. Instead, the game does a great imitation of its psychological horror influences, especially the critically acclaimed game PT of which he is a spiritual successor.

With an interesting plot and genuine scares, horror fans won’t be disappointed with Face even if everything seems quite familiar. The Enhanced Edition brings better visuals and improved performance to the experience, with 4K resolution and 60FPS only adding to the awesome atmosphere created by the game.

4 A Plague Tale: Innocence – 82

The innocence of a plague tale

With the sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiemdue out this year, there hasn’t been a better time to play this haunting action-adventure title. A plague tale blends stealth gameplay with puzzle solving to tell the compelling story of Amicia de Rune and her sickly brother in 14th century France.

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This dark setting is rendered strikingly beautiful, but for the most part the player is forced to concentrate to avoid the hordes of rats that threaten the siblings. In this way, the game can feel very much like survival horror, with the player forced to rely on stealth and inventiveness to ensure survival.

3 Little Nightmares II: Complete Edition – 83

Little Nightmares II magazine logo

Tense, atmospheric, and an accomplishment in world-building and game design, Little Nightmares II is the perfect sequel to the first little nightmares Game. A prequel that introduces a new protagonist to accompany Six, the central character of the last game, Little Nightmares II tasks the player with uncovering the secrets of Pale City while avoiding dangerous enemies.

Although the game is relatively short, the gameplay experience is memorable enough to place it among the best stealth horror games. The story is gripping and taking the time to collect all the available glitch scraps will net the player a bonus scene that will only add to the lore.

2 Metro Exodus: Complete Edition – 83

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Key Art

Although primarily an open-world FPS title, Metro Exodus uses survival horror elements to good effect in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that forms its setting. Despite this, the gunplay is tight and the exploration is rewarding, so action fans won’t be disappointed with the third installment of the Metro series.

Metro Exodus was one of the best FPS games of the previous console generation, but the Complete Edition feels like it was made for the PS5 with graphical upgrades to bring it in line with next-gen. It also includes both DLCs, making it the ultimate way to play an action game that can be downright terrifying at times.

1 Resident Evil Village – 84

The biggest horror franchises deserve to be enjoyed on PS5 and Resident Evil Village made this possible when it was released last year. The eighth major installment in Capcom’s flagship series, Resident Evil Village introduces a new world of horrors in a village full of twisted monsters and deadly traps that Ethan Winters must navigate.

Of course, following in the footsteps of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, there is plenty of action for the player to chew on as well as some light puzzles. Overall the game is still thrilling, does a great job of continuing the giant franchise, and looks fantastic enough to be the perfect horror game to play on the PS5.

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