10 Best Verified Games For Steam Deck Available Now

With Valve’s recently launched Steam Deck, the portable gaming PC market has taken a big leap into the mainstream. This has opened up tons of possibilities for gaming enthusiasts to bring their libraries on the go in a portable format, and the company has worked hard to verify which titles perform best on the device.

Not all games need to be Deck Verified to run well, but it’s a good confirmation that a title has been tested. There’s a massive list of games verified as-is, with more on the way, including the new PC port of Insomniac’s exhilarating Spider-Man Remastered and FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG masterclass in Ring of Elden​.


Spider-Man Remastered

Spider-Man Remastered is the most hyped re-release of the Steam Deck, as developer Insomniac Spider-Man Remastered just ported to PC. It’s a continuing trend for Sony PlayStation to finally recognize the potential of the PC gaming space, and the port has been praised for its good technological translation to that platform.

There are plenty of customization options for PC gamers to tinker with to their liking, and Valve made sure to get it Deck Verified before launch. Playing Spider Man on an optimized Pocket PC is a sight to behold, and its compelling story, engaging combat, and jaw-dropping traversal mechanics make it one of the best modern superhero games.

Ring of Elden

FromSoftware has made a major name for itself in the triple-A gaming arena for its gripping dark fantasy RPGs. Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki and co. may have released their magnum opus in the form of Ring of Eldenrevolutionizing the open-world/RPG formula.

It features all the tense challenges fans would expect while being the most accessible by allowing players to get creative with their class builds. It’s a dark-fantasy world full of alluring and subtle stories, lore, and world-building, and it’s an impressive feat that it runs as well as it does on Steam Deck, let alone being Deck Verified. , especially since the developer does make the best optimized PC ports.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Project Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, as the game has retained its relevance since its release in 2015 thanks to its own quality, with the franchise expanding into live TV and current next-gen (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X |S ) remastered.

It stands as one of the best modern fantasy RPGs due to its dense and immersive dark fantasy setting, exceptional character writing, and rewarding role-playing mechanics to shape the game’s myriad stories. Players will want maybe wait for the remaster, but for now it’s still an amazing feat to see a game as stunning as The Witcher 3 run smoothly on a handheld with little restraint (although the impressive Nintendo Switch port is solid on its own merits).


Remedy Entertainment has put together one of the most inventive original IPs of recent years in the form of Control. It was one of the first games used to showcase the capabilities of the Steam Deck before launch, making it a verified smooth choice to play on the laptop.

Following the story of Jesse Faden, the supernatural-focused new director of the Federal Bureau of Control, she continues to uncover a mystery and conspiracy behind the organization she leads in a thrilling sci-fi thriller tale. In addition to smooth performance, ControlThe refreshing combat system fits perfectly into the form factor of the Deck.

Resident Evil 2

After stumbling when the franchise turned bombshell Michael Bay with Resident Evil 6Capcom launched a brand-wide takeover arc that led to the release of the famous Resident Evil 2 remake. It has become one of the best resident Evil and survival horror games in general, thanks in part to the jaw-dropping capabilities of the game’s RE engine used to bring this endeavor to life without being too taxing to run.

The game has always been technologically forgiving when it comes to looks and performance, and the Verified tag ensures it will have a great transition from home console/desktop PC to Steam’s handheld format. Deck.

Batman: Arkham City

From now on, Town is the only game in the revered Batman: Arkham Steam Deck Verified franchise. Some tweaks can be made to play other untested games smoothly on the Deck as well, but Arkham City will work great out of the box with minimal adjustments. Rocksteady helped revitalize the Dark Knight as well as the superhero genre in gaming, and Arkham City relies on Asylum in the best possible way.

A gritty open-world sandbox filled with meaningful content, cathartic free-flowing combat, stealth action, and a fantastical story written by Batman and DC writing legend Paul Dini that pays homage tasteful to the comic book story of the hero and the famous The animated series the universe has cemented everything as a landmark among superhero games.

Dark Souls III

Whereas Ring of Elden takes up most of the scene, FromSoftware’s other efforts are still worth investing in for those looking for a challenge. The dark souls trilogy has been Deck Verified, and III is one of the most streamlined Souls-like RPGs the developer has to date.

It’s a more linear experience rather than an open world, but its level design and thrilling boss battles make it the most streamlined entry to play in a handheld form factor. This makes it a great way for both new and long-time FromSoft fans looking to relive the conclusion of the dark vicious cycle of the Age of Fire ushered in before the events of the first game.

Yakuza 0

It was once one of the most niche franchises in publisher Sega’s catalog, but developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Yakuza 0 helped spark the series’ popularity globally. Rightly so, as this prequel was both a perfect starting point for would-be fans and one of the most polished gameplay the series has ever seen.

The explosive beat-’em-up combat is more fun than ever, the campy side missions are entertaining, and the Japanese soap opera/crime drama’s long story is enough to keep players invested in the side stories of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro. Majima. It’s a shame this hasn’t been ported to the Switch yet, but Yakuza 0 Verified on Steam Deck will prove an addictive portable experience.


Supergiant Games’ underworld was the indie darling of 2020 and one of the best games of this year overall. This action-adventure roguelike takes an inventive take on Greek mythology, following Zagreus as he rebels against his father to escape the underworld. Levels are randomly generated, and the combat is fast-paced, satisfying, and thrilling.

This genre lends itself well to a handheld, given its pick-up-and-play approach to dungeon racing and isometric perspective. But aside from the gameplay, the art direction is sleek, and the story and characters are engaging and easy to get into, which is impressive given that roguelikes don’t tend to focus on storytelling.

God of the war

Another recent PlayStation hit, Santa Monica Studios God of the war soft-reboot has also recently been ported to PC to great effect. It’s on the more demanding side, but the Deck Verified status has proven to players that it’s admirably optimized when narrowed down to the reach of the Steam Deck.

The 2018 game takes a more grounded, cinematic approach to Kratos’ story, going much more intimate without sacrificing the jaw-dropping spectacle of the action. God of the warThe over-the-shoulder camera is a great perspective for the game’s satisfying combat, paired with excellent boss fights.

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