10 Horror Games To Play Before The Callisto Protocol

It’s not often gamers are blessed with AAA horror games, but The Callisto Protocol seems to be one of those rare pearls. Fans are excited because it looks like it’s going to deliver a bloody, disturbing sci-fi horror starring Josh Duhamel as a prisoner on a mutation-infested planet.

In anticipation of the release of The Callisto Protocolthere are many horror games to play across the decades. dead space and resident Evilfor example, are essentially the spiritual precursors of The Callisto Protocol for more than one reason.


ten prey (2017)

With PreyArkane Studios has borrowed from several early first-person horror shooters such as BioShock, half lifeand even a little System shock. It features a lone survivor traversing a creature-infested station.

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Unlike many modern era survival horror games, Prey Properly balances horror with action without losing the tension. Mimics in all their various guises remain a threat throughout and provide a thrilling mystery that keeps the player intrigued.

9 The Evil Within (2014)

An early screenshot from The Evil Within video game.

The Evil Within looks like a resident Evil title and there’s a reason for that: the director of the game was also a developer on the original resident Evil. So third person horror is very similar to Resident Evil 4mixing tense action and terrifying encounters with enemies.

Tango Gameworks has put even more emphasis on horror in an attempt to bring back the claustrophobia and dread of the classic resident Evil games but with modern gameplay. The result is twisted, unique horror that’s as much physical as it is psychological.

8 Alan Wake (2010)

This cult classic draws inspiration from many tropes seen in Stephen King’s stories, from an author with writer’s block to mysterious forces that are as frightening as they are ridiculous. Rather than using a typical firearm, Alan Wake’s weapon against shadow monsters is his flashlight.

It creates action sequences unlike many other games. Couple that with an intriguing story that’s as much a supernatural thriller as it is a psychological one, it’s no wonder it was considered way ahead of its time. Therefore, Alan Wake was not only recently remastered, but is getting a sequel.

seven Control (2019)

jesse fight control game

It is difficult to explain Control as it’s one of the most bizarre yet unique games to release in the last decade or two. It’s about a woman named Jesse who walks into the enigmatic Bureau Of Control. From there, it involves monsters, telekinetic weapons, superpowers, and more.

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There is a similar atmosphere to stranger things regarding the mysterious labs and power sets involved. It features third-person gameplay but is much faster than most horror games, but doesn’t take away from the ominous setting and various threats present everywhere; after all, it takes place in the same universe as Alan Wake.

6 Silent Hill (1999)

Harry approaches a door in Silent Hill.

Next to resident Evil, silent Hill is considered a godfather of survival horror. The original game and its sequels created some of the horror genre’s most memorable monsters. The terror didn’t come from the monsters, it was from the mystery of what lurks in the misty city of silent Hill.

The subtle uses of sound and visuals were as chilling as someone like Pyramid Head. That is why silent Hill became one of the most influential horror games, with several sequels continuing to develop the concept; create monsters that are the manifestation of the character’s past trauma and sins.

5 Silent Hill: Downpour (2012)

Murphy gets attacked by a monster in Silent Hill Downpour

One of the most hidden gems of the silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill: Downpour was one of the first games in the series to shift to a more modern third-person style. Being a convict who murdered a pedophile, the mysterious silent Hill sticks to his concept and continues to manifest new monsters based on Murphy’s past.

Murphy Pendleton himself also remains one of the game’s best and smartest protagonists. silent Hill series. Downpour kept the horror while updating the franchise for the then-modern style of play. Unfortunately it would be the last silent Hill game with Konami seemingly leaving the franchise dormant ever since.

4 The Evil Within 2 (2017)

The Evil Inside Sebastian Running

The Evil Within 2 took the initial concept of a Creation-like a world filled with monsters and made bigger and better; following the same pattern as Resident Evil 2 which is often considered a top entry.

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He further continues the intricate plot, creates even more disturbing monsters, and develops Sebastian. The gameplay was further expanded with a crafting system and more customization of Sebastian’s abilities.

3 Alien: Isolation (2014)

A Xenomorph attacking the player.

After so many action-centric shooters based on James Cameron aliensSega and Creative Assembly decided to go back to Ridley Scott’s original Extraterrestrial. Gone are the intense action sequences and instead, Alien: Isolation gave fans authentic sci-fi survival horror that feels like a true sequel to the original film.

Alien: Isolation also borrows from other horror titles such as dead space and Survive to, featuring a lone survivor walking through a huge place with threats around every corner. The Xenomorph itself is particularly terrifying due to the AI ​​technology that allowed it to adapt to player tactics.

2 Resident Evil 4 (2005)

There is a lot of resident Evil games that bring real horror but that was resident Evil that changed the genre forever. The over-the-shoulder third-person view was brand new at the time, and it revitalized resident Evil focus on combat without nerfing any of the horror elements.

Resident Evil 4the gameplay of would become the inspiration for many future horror games, including dead space, The Evil Withinand even silent Hill. That’s why when Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 were completely redone, they dropped the tank controls for the Resident Evil 4 style. It’s also why fans are showing their excitement for a remake of Resident Evil 4.

1 Dead Space Trilogy (2008-2013)

Isaac Clarke Gets Pounded By One Of Dead Space's Necromorph Aliens

All three dead space games deserve a mention as the series is the precursor to The Callisto Protocol. Not only are they both sci-fi horror games about mutated monsters on another planet, they were even developed by the same creators. Although EA is bringing back dead space with an upcoming remake, The Callisto Protocol is supposed to be the fourth dead space game that was cancelled.

As a result, now is the perfect time to return to the classic horror trilogy that was a near perfect blend of Ridley Scott. Extraterrestrial and John Carpenter The thing. The games have action, suspense, psychological and body horror, and compelling mythos that lead to an iconic trilogy of terror.

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