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While there is a lot of talk about hidden video game Easter eggs in movies, the same attention isn’t usually given to movie nods hidden in video games. Of course, some games like the 2013 dead Pool and both Deadly premonition games should have these references, which makes them more visible and unsurprising.

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But, there are times when secret references can appear even in the most unexpected games. If a player notices these obscure Easter Eggs while immersed in a game, it can sometimes be even more shocking than any scream in other forms of media.

ten Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies – Sharknado

Phoenix makes reference to Sharknado in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

The Lawyer Visual Novel Adventure Game Series As Lawyer has always had hidden references in all games. But, one of the most surprising references is in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Fates when two of the main characters, Phoenix Wright and Athena Cykes, allude to the infamous Sharknado series of films. Aired by the Syfy Channel, these comedy-horror-disaster sci-fi films center on people battling shark-filled tornadoes.

In the DLC episode “Turnabout Reclaimed”, Phoenix and Athena portray an orc in a murder case. Examining the “shark cannon,” Athena says she would love to see sharks flying through the air and Phoenix figured that such an idea would be too crazy even for Hollywood.

9 Terraria – The Wicker Man

The No Bees Challenge in Terraria

Extensive descriptions of objects, achievements, NPCs, bosses and other elements of the action-adventure sandbox game Terrariums are nods to other media, including movies. One of the game’s more obvious cinematic references, however, is the “Not the Bees” meme from Nicolas Cage’s 2006 film. The wicker man. At the end of the movie, Cage’s character, cop Edward Malus, gets a bunch of bees poured over him as he shouts “Not the bees!”

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This weirdly hilarious moment is referenced twice in Terraria. If a player uses a bee gun while wearing a full set of bee armor, they will get the “Not the bees!” success. Also, one of the seeds of the secret world is called “” Not the Bees “, which is filled with biomes and bee items.

8 Shin Megami Tensei IV – Escape from New York

The character K against the background of Shin Megami Tensei IV

While it is fairly well known that Solid Snake from Solid metal gear the franchise is based on the character of Kurt Russell in the 1981 sci-fi action film Escape from New York, another character, K of Shin Megami Tensei IV, was also based on the same concept. In this film, Russell plays a federal prisoner named Snake Plissken who has a chance of being pardoned if he manages to save the President of the United States.

In Shin Megami Tensei IV, K is a retired samurai who runs a tavern and gives side quests to the main character. Like Russell’s character, K has an eye patch with long wavy hair and a gruff face.

7 Megaman Battle Network – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes / Mission Impossible

The cinema room seen in Megaman Battle Network

In Central DenTown in one of the best Game Boy Advance games, Megaman Battle Network, the player can visit the DenTown Movie Theater, which alludes to both the parody movie series Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and the action spy franchise Impossible mission. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is that tomatoes become sensitive and attack humanity, and Impossible mission talks about a team of agents, known as the “Impossible Missions Force”, saving the world.

When the main character, Lan Hikari, examines the cinema, he says that the two films currently showing are “Attack of the Killer Animals” and “Upgrade Impossible 3” starring Rom Cruze. Interesting way, Mission: Impossible III was not yet released when this game was released.

6 Pok̩mon: Diamond and Pearl РGalaxy Quest

The player faces Fantina in Pokémon DIamond & Pearl

Throughout the Pokemon games, there have always been Easter eggs hidden in other media. But, one of the most unusual cases of this is when the 1999 sci-fi comedy film Galaxy Quest is referenced in Pokémon: Diamond and pearl versions. The film follows a group of actors who are drawn into a real interstellar conflict when real aliens mistake their fictional show for real events.

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While fighting Ghost-type trainer Fantina in the Hearthome Gym, she says “Never give up, never surrender!” Which is an iconic line from Galaxy Quest.

5 Stardew Valley – Howl’s Moving Castle

Scarecrow # 1 on a player's field in Stardew Valley

The agricultural simulation RPG Valley of stars has some interesting hidden things that are easy to miss. One of them is a nod to the 2004 animated film Hayao Miyazaki. Howl’s moving castle, which is about a young woman named Sophie who is transformed into an old woman by a witch. After leaving the house, she finds the Wizard Howl and finds herself caught up in her battle against the King.

At the Stardew Valley Fair, the player can purchase Rarecrow # 1, which is a scarecrow that resembles the character Turnip Head. In the film, Turnip Head is a prince who has been transformed into a sentient scarecrow and helps Sophie on her journey.

4 Silent Hill – Kindergarten Policeman

Silent Hill's Midwich Primary School

Although the original silent Hill The game, which is one of the best games in the series, is known for its spooky images and strong impact on the horror genre, one of the main locations in the game, Midwich Elementary School, is actually based on it School in Action from the 1990 Comedy Film Kindergarten policeman. During this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a police detective named John Kimble who infiltrates as a kindergarten teacher.

Since the town of Silent Hill is supposed to look like an average American city, it makes sense for Japanese game developers to derive their ideas from American movies. But, it’s always surprising to hear that this lesser-known comedy film was the basis of one of the major parts of this historic game.

3 Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Oldboy

Several ghosts in a hallway of Luigi's Mansion 3

The action-adventure game 2019 Luigi’s Mansion 3 has a lot of cinematic references that have been mentioned since the game’s release. But, there is one particular reference to the 2003 award-winning neo-noir action thriller Old boy, which is both surprising and easy to miss. This South Korean film follows a man named Oh Dae-su who sets out in search of revenge after being trapped in a cell that looks like a hotel room for 15 years.

Towards the end of the game, when the player is on the 15th floor, Luigi finds himself trapped in a hallway filled with a crowd of ghosts. Luigi’s angle of battle with the ghosts as well as the types of blunt weapons the ghosts carry mimic the famous one-shot battle sequence from the movie.

2 Paper Mario: Color Splash – The Exorcist

Paper Mario sees Shunned Guy draining Toad's color in Paper Mario Color Splash

While the 2016 action-adventure RPG Paper Mario: Splash of Color is a family game like any other Mario titles, the game has a little reference to the iconic 1973 supernatural horror film The Exorcist. The award-winning film is about a 12-year-old girl named Regan who is possessed by a demon.

In the Indigo Underground section of the game, Mario meets a type of Slurp Guy known as the Shunned Guy who drinks the color of a toad. Once the avoided guy notices Mario, he leans back unnaturally and chases Mario, forcing Mario to fight the creature.

1 FEAR – Office space

A desk in the FEAR video game

Another horror game that hints at a comedy movie is the 2005 action survival horror first-person shooter. FEAR First meeting Assault Recon, who has an Easter egg for the 1999 film Office space. The film follows a group of tired office workers and is intended as a commentary on working conditions.

In the eighth level of the game, the player can find a small booth with a red stapler and a TPS report. While the TPS report is a recurring asset in the game, its presence alongside the film’s iconic red stapler makes it easy to see that it’s meant to be seen as a nod to the film.

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