10 Sega Games That Should Be Made For TV Shows

Netflix is ​​gearing up for Prime Sonic featuring SEGA’s blue blur, following his recent cinematic success with sonic the hedgehog 2. The streaming service is also well known for its video game adaptations after the success of Castlevania, which gets a sequel show. Do other SEGA properties have the potential to become big series?

SEGA has had successes with adaptations in addition Soniclike games like Character have had anime adaptations. Shen Mue recently received an animated series on Adult Swim which did well. There’s still room for more, though. Many series have iconic characters or wonderful stories that need to be seen in other media.


streets of anger

A screenshot from the opening cinematics of Streets of Rage 4.

This SEGA beat-em-up series is one of their most enduring franchises. Despite the death of the arcade where this genre thrived, streets of anger received a new slice a few years ago. The series features a cast of vigilantes trying to bring down a criminal syndicate controlling a city. The main character, Axel Stone, is a former police officer disappointed by the corruption of the force.

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The series has always been a fan favorite, and the anti-police themes could help it find success in the current climate. A few years ago it was announced that it would get a television adaptation, although it was somewhat replaced by a film adaptation by the staff behind John Wick. If it’s a hit, a TV adaptation is somewhat unlikely.


Shinobi video game movie in the works

shinobi was SEGA’s attempt to compete with the excellent Gaiden ninja series of games. The series debuted in arcades in 1987 and has had over 10 sequels. Protagonist Joe Musashi has been one of SEGA’s icons ever since. The series has sold four million copies and is known for its high technical achievements.

The plot follows Joe on his quest to become stronger and defeat the evil ninja clan Zeed. The series, however, is known less for its plot and more for its exciting graphic settings. Ninja action is common throughout the franchise with Sengoku period imagery like castles and sakura blossoms around every corner.

trauma center

Wii Trauma Squad

SEGA isn’t just major studios like Sonic Team as they also own the JRPG juggernaut Atlus. When people think of Atlus, they probably think of their famous Character series. There’s another series they’re known for, but one that would lend itself perfectly to a medical drama. This series is trauma centeralso known as Trauma teama series of melodramatic surgical simulations.

The games are addictive and fun antics that over-dramatize the surgery. Doctors may begin to save patients from normal illnesses, but magical biological weapons will surface. The games eventually grew to feature a litany of doctors of multiple specialties and styles. The series lends an overarching plot and a cast of doctors to a prospective TV show.

Shin Megami Tensei

Boxart for the original Shin Megami Tensei shows the teenage protagonists with demons behind them.

Although players may be familiar with the Pnobody series, the series it comes from is much less famous. Shin Megami Tensei is a series about summoning demons to deal with the apocalypse. It itself stems from a series of novels and is published much more sporadically than its spin-off. The themes of the series are dark and moody, however, and the mythology lends itself well to a TV series.

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The game deals heavily with characters from mythology appearing in the real world. Sects have formed that worship Order or Chaos and it’s up to the player to choose, but it’s often pretty gray. This non-standard morality would be perfect for a show. Summoning demons would also lead to some epic battles, though the show may want to avoid Christian demons for American audiences.

crazy cab

A player rolls down a steep street in Crazy Taxi

crazy cab is one of the craziest and best classic arcade games in SEGA’s repertoire. The series is firmly rooted in the late 90s with a soundtrack featuring bands like The Offspring. The series would have a reboot, which would be great. A companion show would also do a lot to solidify the series’ aesthetic and goofy world.

The game of crazy cab is simply to get passengers to their destination as quickly as possible. Despite this, all pilots have unique stories in the manuals that we never see. A show might be a good place to see things like this. Also, cool vehicle stunts would be a must for sure.


The witch casts a spell in a four-player game of Puyo Puyo.

PuyoPuyo didn’t start out as a SEGA game, but the puzzle game series is great for anyone looking for an action puzzler. The series also didn’t start out as a puzzle game, but rather as an RPG series with a lot of lore. The game features a bunch of brave characters with lots of personalities. They would fit very easily into an animated series.

Modern Puyo games prioritize gags more often in the story. Characters like Schezo and Risakuma definitely have more gags these days. However, the series also has a mythology that goes back decades and a great magical girl heroine in Arle. This way an anime series could also take on a similar tone to something like She-Ra.

Panzer Dragoon

Orta flies on his dragon through the cliff to stop the empire in Panzer Dragoon Orta

Panzer Dragoon is a series of rail shooters from SEGA. Unlike other SEGA rail shooters house of death and more like Nintendo’s StarFox, Dragon emphasized traditions. The world in which these games took place was detailed and fascinating. So much so that it got an RPG spin-off in the form of Panzer Dragoon Sagaone of the rarest games of all time.

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Each game sees the hero flying through a post-apocalyptic world on the back of a dragon. The heroes and the evil empire fight over the resources that were once used by the planet’s mysterious ancient civilizations. All characters also speak a unique language called Panzerese. A rich fantasy world like this would make for a pretty epic fantasy show.

Altered Beast

Altered Beast Transformation

Altered Beast is a wild game with a bizarre premise. The player is a reanimated corpse who is sent by Zeus to fight evil. After absorbing enough energy, they can transform into one of many different bestial forms. The world isn’t actually explored much, and it certainly could be with a TV adaptation.

Violent Greek-inspired action is reminiscent of things like Netflix Blood of Zeus. Staff of Castlevania also worked on this show and the violence and Greek mythology would mix well for a TV show and the shapeshifting hero would also be a unique selling point. It would certainly be a revival for the brand, which hasn’t seen a new game since the 2000s.

Radio Jet Set

Jet Set Radio followed the skaters around town

Radio Jet Set is a funky, fresh series that would shatter any adaptation. The series is all about bright colors and rocking jams, so a cartoon would suit it well. He sees a group of teenagers in Tokyo tagging the environment to protest against the oppressive government. That kind of theme is right now, and the series also comes with a great cast.

The series features many groovy young rebels like heroes Beat, Gum, Combo, and Mew. It’s just the main gang, the GGs, because there are also other gangs like Poison Jam, the Love Shockers and Rapid 99. There’s also the cool and funky DJ Professor K who serves as the game’s commentator. this with cruel officer antagonists and it’s one hell of a cartoon cast.


Kazuma Kiryu is the protagonist of the Yakuza series

Yakuzaalso known as like a dragon, is one of the biggest series from SEGA right now. It stars an ex-Yakuza down on his luck in a series of goofy but extremely heartfelt adventures. These games are masters at varying their tone wildly. YakuzaThe sensibility of would be a treat to see in a television format.

Yakuza has big explosive crime thriller plots full of betrayals and twists. Downtime, on the other hand, can be almost comedic Buddhist morality fables, with the main character encountering someone in need of help. The fight scenes have a lot of martial arts movie DNA with big impacts and dramatic close-ups of the finishers. No TV show is like that, that’s why the already cinematic Yakuza would make a great adaptation.

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