10 Southeast Asian Series On Netflix To Watch Next For ‘Crash Landing On You’ Fans

Netflix and other streaming services are largely to thank for the new international notoriety of Southeast Asian series. While Southeast Asian series have long enjoyed local success, their introduction to the Western market has only increased their popularity.

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Shows such as Crash landing on you have the makings of an international sensation; romance, drama, suspense, action and poignancy. For fans of the incredible South Korean series that follows a spoiled young woman in the heart of North Korea, forced to escape with the help of a sympathetic army captain, there are a host of other series to explore. Heads and hearts collide in these complex and emotional series. Tackling issues like gender expectations and awkward first loves, this selection of Southeast Asian series is hopefully just the beginning as Netflix continues to expand its repertoire.

‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo’

Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk in 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo'

Kim Bok-joo (Lee Sung-kyunglisten)) is a talented weightlifter at a sports university. When she’s not dominating the championships, she tries to win the interest of her friend’s older brother, Jung Jae-yi (Lee Jae-yoon). While his friend, Jung Joon-hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk), first teasing her about her crush, he eventually realizes that he is also falling in love with Bok-joo.

A light-hearted coming-of-age story that blends sports drama with awkward, sweet teenage romance, the series also prioritizes friendships, showing that love can take many forms and is no less important even if it doesn’t. he is not romantic.


“Singles Hell”

Song Ji-a and Jun-sik in

Nine bachelors arrive at “Inferno”, a deserted and torrid island. They are forced to walk to fetch water and cook with meager ingredients, while trying to seduce another contestant so they can escape to “heaven” together. In paradise, they share dates at a fancy hotel, so it’s no surprise everyone is eager to pair up.

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The show is narrated by a panel that comments on the contestants’ attempts at flirting. With a charming cast and a few twists, the show breaks away from most reality TV by keeping the drama low-key and focusing on small shared moments on the island.

‘Full house’

Full House (2004) 2x1

This romantic Korean series uses a familiar trope, that of a “business” marriage. Han Ji-eun (hye kyo song) is an ambitious screenwriter determined to reclaim the rights to her childhood home, but to do so she must agree to marry self-obsessed actor Lee Yeong-jae (Rain). Although the show is a bit dated and relies heavily on tropes, the acting of the two leads has been universally acclaimed, catapulting them both to stardom. The characters are brave, witty, and bring the show to a satisfying conclusion. There is also a Thai remake which, although not on Netflix, became a hit in Indonesia.

‘Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City’

The cast of

Another reality TV series worth gorging on are the light hints of romance and drama that come with the “terrace house”, a house where three boys and three girls live together, go on dates and pursue their individual passions. There are plenty of memorable moments throughout the season, from the “loose” omelet to Misaki’s failed attempt to win over selfless Hikaru by wearing a brand new nightgown.

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While there are a lot of fights, they’re often resolved in surprisingly respectful ways, and the friendship between the many roommates (who rotate and are replaced as the series progresses) is heartwarming.

“My First First Love”

The cast of

Five twenty-somethings end up living together due to varying circumstances and must navigate college life, friendship, and first love that flourish in their shared home. Friends come from all walks of life, and this diverse group — from a college dropout to an aspiring musician cut off by his wealthy father — must learn to coexist with each other and help each other through their college years.

The love stories are sweet, while the depth of each of the characters allows you to immerse yourself in many intrigues.

“Girl From Nowhere”

girl from nowhere
Picture via Netflix

Although it is darker than other series on this list, like Crash landing on you, There is a lot of suspense. The Thai series follows a mysterious being in the form of a young girl, Nanno (Shisha Amatayakul), who uses her mysterious powers to punish her classmates and teachers when she catches them engaging in evil behavior.

Nanno’s presence acts as a catalyst to uncover the dark secrets of the school, which hides behind its immaculate reputation to mask the devious behavior of its inhabitants. This spooky anthology series has already become a hit in Thailand as well as Vietnam and the Philippines and is likely heading for international fame.

“So it’s not worth it”

so it's not worth it
Picture via Netflix

One of the most diverse K-dramas on this list, So don’t bother is an original and colorful exploration of college life in Seoul. The multicultural cast of students must navigate the usual trials of dorm life, such as petty thieves and awkward dating scenarios.

With sitcom-style laughs and dynamic editing, the show is as playful as it is relevant, showcasing the multicultural nature of Seoul and the negotiations between different perspectives as Thai, Korean and Spanish students mingle. It’s already a hit series in Thailand and Saudi Arabia, and it will definitely attract more international viewers if it wins a second season.

‘I see you’

always in

A Filipino romance anthology, I see you tells four distinct love stories. Whether it’s falling in love or trying to save a rocky marriage, each of the characters’ stories describe an aspect of what it means to love and how it needs to be resolved with real-world issues that stand in the way of happiness. for all time. The series is currently only available on Netflix Philippines, but we hope it will have a world premiere soon.

love, a grainy Narcos-style series, is currently the only Filipino series to debut on Netflix, but hopefully, I see you and many more will follow soon.

“The Ghost Bride”

Kuang Tian in

Similar to Crash landing on you ghost bride tells the story of a very unlikely romance. In the British colony of Malacca in the 1890s, Pan Li-lan (Huang Peijia) is desperate to save her family from debt, so she agrees to marry the wealthy but dead Lim Tian-ching (Kuang Tian).

Married to a ghost, she is soon confronted with the truth that her death is far more sinister than it appears, and she finds herself embroiled in a supernatural world of ghosts and demons as she struggles to find the murderer of Tian-ching. The Taiwanese-Malaysian series isn’t too bogged down in historical detail, but instead offers a sizzling Hollywood-style plot with just enough suspense, action, and romance to appeal to a wide range of viewers.


Miki Nakatani in

Several women whose lives are linked by social networks cross paths in Tokyo. The successful and ambitious photographer, Limi Nara (Miki Nakatani), changes the life of hopeful actress, Natsume Hyakuta (Elaiza Ikeda), when his photos went viral. Women are under pressure, both on and off social media, to conform to societal expectations.

The series covers relevant topics such as motherhood, work-life balance and friendship in the digital age. One might wish for more diversity of women to be represented in J-drama, such as better LGBTQ+ representation and body positivity, but that’s still a start in acknowledging the many pressures women face in a patriarchal world. .

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