10 TV Show Endings So Bad They Ruined The Series, According To Reddit

Completing a long-running show is incredibly difficult, especially with the pressure of fan expectations added to it, as the creators of ozark recently uncovered when the series finale turned out to be divisive (via Screen Rant). That being said, some shows just miss the mark, often because the finale doesn’t live up to the promises made by the rest of the show.

When that happens, it’s possible for one episode to ruin an entire show and its legacy, making it impossible for fans to watch the show again or trust the showrunners again. For those who don’t want to start a show just to be disappointed, they can turn to Reddit, where various users have discussed which endgames ruined their love for a show and what made them so bad.



Merlin using his magic in Merlin

The BBC Two-Part Final Merlin let down its viewers, who often ignore it in their rewatches. As Opelan explains, “The premise of the early seasons was to show how King Arthur ruled with Merlin the Wizard at his side over Albion in a legendary way. But we haven’t seen any of that.”

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Redditor Tyrathius agrees, pointing out that “after all the talk about what an amazing King Arthur will be and how he will usher in a golden age where magic is welcome in Camelot, he ends up just being a random guy. sits on the throne for two years and then dies without accomplishing anything. It makes the whole show pointless.”


The entire cast of Roseanne

The last season of Roseane got really weird, with the surprise that Dan was dead all along revealed in the latest episode. Additionally, several character traits and relationships were mapped onto other characters, rendering all the character dynamics and plot points that viewers were ultimately addicted to.

But as Redditor DMike82 points out, “On the plus side, the rebirth has restored everything that no longer exists, so it’s not technically series finale anymore.” The Return of Roseane on television in 2018, followed by the creation of The Connerseliminated the convoluted finale, proving that even the showrunners and cast didn’t like how it ended.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica 2003 Cast Image

Battlestar Galactica is a massive franchise known for its depictions of humanity’s quest to survive and thrive despite the iconic Cylon models that threatened them. However, the finale didn’t work out, because, as Badloss explains, “Later seasons turned into a mystical reconnection, and the Cylons are totally ruined when you realize the writers at the start of the season had no idea of ​​what the Cylon master plan was actually going to be.”

Several other users chimed in, discussing the issues the show was dealing with in regards to scheduling, the continued rise in tension, and maintaining audience interest. Redditor Cyyyyk summed it up well, explaining that the bad finale “was sad because it was such a great show, until it got lost.”

Pretty little Liars

Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna look serious in Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little Liars had plenty of cringe-worthy parts, and the finale was the craziest example. The show started out as a fairly simple murder mystery, but the convoluted twists, especially in the finale, left fans of the show stumped. Redditor aphrahannah said, “The finale exceeded all expectations! It was the most incredibly bad episode on TV.”

Editor Ah_Salmon_Skin_Roll specifically criticized the show’s need to create new mysteries, few of which were executed well: “Pretty Little Liars started out with such potential, then after A’s initial reveal in Season 2, I think it was, it felt like the show was written with predictive text, plus they kept throwing in mystery after mystery to add suspense, but without any planned conclusion.



The show Dexter asked the audience what was the morally correct choice for someone compelled to kill. But the finale undid much of the growth Dexter had made and erases the show’s original premise. According to ThatsMrShorTassToYou, “Nothing that happened fit his character. It just didn’t make sense. ‘”write an ending for a show” .”

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The finale was so far from what fans expected that several fans completely dismissed it, with terenn_nash stating, “Dexter’s ending was amazing! He may have had the Trinity Killer, but he paid the price. think there were more than 4 seasons? No mate, the Mandela effect in action.”

Card castle

Most endings try to solve all their problems or reveal a major plot twist. The final for Card castle did no such thing, deciding the best ending was no ending at all. Redditor Gato1980 is frustrated with the decision, saying “They knew well in advance that this would be their last season, and this is what they gave us? I really don’t understand how this can be considered a final of series.”

A now-deleted Reddit comment identified the only real thing the final season did, which was to make “Claire, the most boring, monotonous character, with dumb boring plot arcs that drag on the whole season.. the main character.” Between the change in direction and the lack of closure, the finale let down many dedicated fans of the series.

dreadful penny

The band in Penny Dreadful

The fans of dreadful penny were fervent that the show was not judged on the basis of its finale. As BearBruin says, “Penny Dreadful was amazing. The ending was a terrible representation of her quality.” Similarly, nubosis said, “This is one of my favorite shows of all time…until the last three episodes. Never has more potential been wasted.”

While some fans can still look back fondly on the series, others have lost their appetite after seeing how it all ends. Redditor tsuab explains, “The dog shit ending ruined the show for me.” The show had a spin-off, Penny Dreadful: City of Angelswhich many fans thought was better than the original, but that’s no substitute for a good quality ending.

Gossip Girl

In Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair kiss romantically in front of their wedding guests in Central Park

The Reddit thread was originally based on ShuckForJustice’s hatred of the Gossip Girl final. As they say, “Watching previous episodes knowing that Dan is the Gossip Girl pretty much changes its genre from High School Drama to Terrifying Stalker Horror. I clearly have to choose to believe the ending isn’t canon to watch it”

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A deleted Redditor built on that disappointment, seeing the message the finale sent as extremely toxic: “The show tells us that [Dan] was right to not only do the bullying GG shit, but to break Serena’s heart near the finale because it made her ‘respect’ him more.” Bad guys should be punished, but Gossip Girl rewarded its biggest villain and painted it as a happy ending.


Sherlock and Watson

sherlock was a sensation like no other, with some of the most dedicated fans despite releasing a few episodes every few years. While sherlock as a whole had some major flaws, they became more and more apparent over the seasons, leading up to the finale. Redditor dantestolemywife explains, “I find it hard to think about the show without remembering that awful finale.”

Fellow Redditor diamond__dogs tries to explain the problem with season 4 and its finale, saying, “It seems like they didn’t know what they wanted the show to be. Technically it was always a drama, but it There’s a clear shift after season 2 away from the detective stuff that people loved as it delved more into secret pasts, personal stakes, and contrived melodramas that just felt complacent and lazy.” intelligence so seriously, a weak ending that insults the intellect of his fan base was never going to cut it.

how I Met Your Mother

The most prominent response to the Reddit thread came from KappaLyte, who explained, “HIMYM’s [finale] bothers me because it was the intended ending from day one which really sucks for the fun of the previous seasons and makes me feel like I’ve wasted years watching a show and waiting for the end just to have this abomination.”

Several Redditors agreed that the finale made it impossible to rewatch any part of the show, a disappointing turn of events for such a popular show. As Plexauer summed it up, “The final 15 minutes spanned 3 seasons of character and plot development.”

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