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There are still some fantastic thrillers coming in 2019! Consistent bestselling authors like Ruth Ware, Riley Sager, and Jo Nesbo all have new books coming out, and it would be an amazing summer in itself. But in addition, we will have new thrillers from Wendy Walker, David Bell, Shari Lapena, Karin Slaughter and many more! Mark your calendars and don’t let those books slip away.


The Black Mountain by Laird Barron

Laird Barron continues the story of ex-mafia member, now private investigator, Isaiah Coleridge which began in his book Blood standard, which was released last May. Laird’s shift in genre to detective fiction has been met with positive reviews. Black Mountain will see Coleridge deal with the boss of the local Mafia when a petty criminal shows up without a heartbeat… or a head… or his hands. An affair that at first looks like sheer revenge will drag Coleridge deeper than he ever imagined into an affair that spans decades!

The hijacking of Paris by Chris Pavone

Kate Moore is back! Preview of Pavone’s best-selling thriller in 2012 Expatriates, Kate Moore now lives in Paris, where a terrorist attack threatens the city, and involves her family. With rave reviews from Harlan Coben, Shari Lapena, Megan Abbott and Jeffrey Deaver, this is not to be missed.

Wendy Walker’s Night Before

The best-selling author All is not forgotten and Emma in the night is back with a dark and twisted new thriller. This includes sisters, relationships, blind dates, buried trauma, and more. In advanced reviews this book has been characterized as fast-paced, addicting, gripping, and a tension-filled mad rush!

Keep you close to Karen Cleveland

Karen Cleveland, herself a former CIA analyst, is the author of last year’s New York Times bestselling book. Must know, which was his first novel. Cleveland is back with their second effort, and it’s a fast-paced domestic thriller about a mother (who is also the head of a division within the FBI) ​​and how far she’ll go to protect her son. when he is accused of something unimaginable.


2019 Upcoming Thrillers

Sandie Jones’ First Mistake

Sandie Jones is the author of last year’s bestseller The other woman, which was also one of Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club picks. The first mistake is his second book, and it has already been called “addictively readable!” It is a family thriller centered on a husband, a wife and his best friend. Some advanced readers have said that they liked this book even more than their first book!

The Perfect Plan by Bryan Reardon

Bryan Reardon’s The real Michael Swann has certainly proven to bring tension, twists and suspense! The perfect plan is about two brothers who couldn’t seem more different from each other. But these brothers are both locked in a dangerous game when it comes to keeping dark family secrets hidden.


2019 Upcoming Thrillers

Never Look Back by Alison Gaylin

Combining a podcast-like format with a brutal 1970s murder streak, Alison Gaylin brings us a book that will make us all wonder how well we know our parents, how well we know our partners, and how well we know each other. ourselves.

Lock Every Door By Riley Sager

In Riley Sager’s most recent thriller, we find an apartment sitter in a prestigious Manhattan apartment building, which is also full of mystery. But are these really ghost stories? With the disappearance of another apartment keeper, we dive into the past and the secrets hidden in the building… before time runs out! Sager’s two previous thrillers, Girls Final and The last time I lied, have been bestsellers around the world. Lock every door looks like it’s gonna do the same!

Stopover by David Bell

According to David Bell’s website (davidbellnovels.com), “In this high-level psychological thriller… a chance encounter with a woman at an airport sends a man on a thrilling quest for the truth. Full of lies and deceit, this is a high speed thriller where every time one mystery is solved another begins.

Knife by Jo Nesbo

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Adaptations from the book to the film 2020

Harry Hole is back! We find the brilliant policeman in a hollow both in his professional and personal life. He’s stuck in the Cold Affairs Office whenever he wants and NEEDS to be on the hunt for the murderer who has haunted Harry’s entire career. If you read the Harry Hole books in order, this book directly follows the events of The thirst.

A stranger on the beach by Michele Campbell

Best-selling author Michele Campbell’s newest thriller is packed with passion, intrigue and biting drama. Looks like this is going to be a full version of Fatal Attraction, but maybe with even more in play!

Someone we know from Shari Lapena

In a quiet suburb, there is nonsense among adolescents, houses are broken into, as well as computers. So who is it that learns all the secrets of the neighborhood? Suspicion begins to mount and tension mounts when a woman in the street is murdered. Has anyone gone this far to protect their family secrets? I recommended Shari Lapena An unwanted guest and The couple next door more times than I can count, so I’m very excited for this new thriller!


2019 Upcoming Thrillers

Ruth Ware’s turn of the key

Ware, the New York Times best-selling author of In a dark dark wood, The woman in cabin 10, The liar’s game, and Mrs. Westaway’s death is back with a new thriller and I couldn’t be more excited! In this flawless thriller, our main character takes the job of nanny with a generous salary, but she doesn’t realize that taking on this job has led her to fall into a nightmare that will soon end in tragedy. .

Karin Slaughter’s last widow

There isn’t much information on Slaughter’s next novel yet, but it will be a continuation of his Will Trent series. Will and Sara will come face to face with a mysterious group with plans to cause a deadly epidemic!

Mark your calendar and get ready to spend the summer on trips to the bookstore! Anyone who enjoys thrillers or mystery novels should be able to find something to get lost in!

Which thriller do you think will be the book everyone is talking about this summer? Tell us in the comments below!


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