30 best psychological thriller books of all time in 2021


Looking to add the best thrillers to your stack of books to read? Look no further than this mix of new psychological mysteries and thrillers as well as all-time classic detective stories.

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Psychological thrillers: from puzzle to terrifying

Our updated psychological thriller and detective story canon contains exciting new titles from writers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to accompany many of the genre’s all-time classics. With 30 of the best thriller books on your TBR shelf, you’ll spend the whole of 2021 perched on the edge of your seat. Some of these choices are decidedly modern, while others are compelling historical fiction books, and more rank among the scariest books ever written. But these are all books that everyone should read in their lifetime. You may not want to read them when you are home alone! If you need something a little lighter after your trip to this genre, then check out this list of the funniest books of all time.

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These women by Ivy Pochada

This beautifully written detective story is about a neighborhood serial killer, but more than anything, it’s a story of female empowerment and social change. Five women – a dancer, a mother, a policeman, an artist and a wife – who, like far too many women today and throughout history, are forced to live their lives by following countless unspoken rules, including none were allowed to them. manufacturing. They do this to stay alive, but two murders bring their security facade to its knees. Prove that you can sometimes judge a book by its cover, These women is an evocative read.

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