30 years of PC games: The big quiz at stake for the anniversary

Thanks for reading our specials on 30 years of PC gaming. Have you organized the magazine archives at home? All magazines are often spread over the years so often that you can still answer questions from the effeff. Do you still have a photographic memory? Can you only laugh at lazy quizzes anyway? Finally, test our quiz on the PC game, adapted to the anniversary of the magazine, with easy questions for all retro fans and nostalgics.

As we had been there for two weeks, there were still a few titles, which we will soon get used to; the first swarm of openings for preview events that will want to be seen will rain down. After a few weeks of nostalgia, we got used to the current subject again. In the second half of PC games, the second and third edition of the magazine archives are waiting for you to enjoy. Our subscription guarantees it. Everything else is in place. Here is our quiz of the big game. Are you funny?

It is also very popular with gamers.

Six hundred years of computer games: Three-thirty-two years of reading, Part 1: The story of the book.

Over the three decades, 362 magazines, dozens of authors, dozens of colleagues, countless games have read the entertaining history of games in our review.

Destroyer: The high seas thriller written by the U-Boat-Hunter for tactical foxes.

In this complex episode of Daedalic Entertainment, you go in search of an underwater destroyer during World War II, a real challenge! #advertising #advertising_mizzle.

30 Years of PC Gaming: A Journey Through the History of the Magazine’s Two-Part Series.

Three decades, 362 magazines, a multitude of authors, an incredibly large number of colleagues and games read here the second part of your story.

30 Years of PC Gaming: A Journey Through Magazine History Part 3 – A Journey Through Magazine History.

After 2004, PC Games experienced major changes, so you can find all the information on this section of the magazine’s history, including a large video report.

The biggest controversies in gaming history are thirty years of games.

Marking the 30th anniversary of PC gaming, this special examines the most notorious controversies and scandals in video game history.

After many years you get more, but a lot of people will like this one.

Our days celebrate 30 years of PC gaming and this special was a special for us and for us when our magazine started in 1992.

If you think you’re a graduate closer to our retro birthday topics or want to grab some breakfast first, check out our other 30th birthday specials. Remember that you can only participate in our second big contest until today September 28, 2022.

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