4 great mystery and thriller books that mix genres


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I read pretty much all genres, and since mystery has always been my favorite, I love it when they mix together. I found this to be a great way to expand your reading to other genres as well, and to be able to read the same book with someone who doesn’t necessarily read the genre (s) you like. It’s like a middle ground that lets you explore a little more of one thing. I recommend some great mixed-genre mysteries in this article, so get ready to add them to your TBR!

Fantasy meets the mystery of historical fiction:

Jackaby (Jackaby # 1) by William Ritter

Sherlock with an assistant and add fantastic creatures. Abigail Rook, the narrator, ran off to become an archaeologist (how dare this woman not to be a real lady!) But when her dreams don’t come true, she finds herself working with Jackaby, a social investigator. unconscious. While Jackaby may not be very observant of social behavior, he is adept at spotting non-human creatures – now if he can only convince others. Rook and Jackaby make a great team. It’s a serial killer mystery, and it’s fun. If fantasy isn’t usually your jam, it takes place in Victorian England with only sporadic creatures, so it’s a great step into the fantasy without feeling overwhelmed. It’s also the first in a series of four, so you can just marathon: Beast bones, Ghostly echoes, and The sinister king. (These blankets are gorgeous!)

Chick Lit Meets Mystery:

Get Rid of Bradley Blanket

Getting rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie

When Chick Lit exploded onto the stage, I read it all. ALL. It was generally funny, fun, and female-centric, and I devoured it like candy. This book has managed to stay in my library since the 90s – I’m an old man – and I decided to reread it. It was as delicious as I remembered it – which is honestly all I remember because my memory is terrible. Lucy Savage divorces her husband, and good riddance. Except getting rid of Bradley (ha!) Doesn’t solve any of her problems: her I’ll-be-a-fabulous-blonde turned her hair into funky colors; there appears to be confusion with Bradley’s identity; two cops keep bothering her; and it looks like someone is trying to kill her. It turns out that one of those cops, the one who looks like a bad boy, has some serious sparks with Savage, which will only ignite further as she is under his protection. Oh my! I know Chick Lit gets bad press – like women like to do – but this book is fun and ridiculous, and basically a mystery about who Bradley is, where he’s been and why someone is suddenly trying to kill Lucy Savage.

Science Fiction Meets Mystery / Thriller:

sleeping giants blanket

Sleeping Giants (Themis Files # 1) by Sylvain Neuvel

This novel is amazing, and if you are an audiobook reader, it is a must in audio – all the narrators are fantastic. Told mainly through interviews and diary entries, we learn the story of Rose Franklin who as a child rode a bicycle and fell on a giant metal hand. Think about discovering a gigantic dinosaur bone, except metal! Almost 20 years later, little is still known about this metal hand, or where it came from. But people want and need to know, including Franklin, who is a physicist tasked with unraveling the mystery of the hand. Everything in this book is built not only on the mystery of what and where, but you don’t even know who the “investigators” are, which also becomes part of the mystery. It’s a sci-fi mystery / thriller that turns the pages and is one hell of a trick. And since it’s set in the United States and doesn’t have a lot of sci-fi world-building, it’s a great place to start if you’re overwhelmed by the genre.

Crime meets romance

Uptown Thief Blanket

Upscale thief (Justice Huslers # 1) by Aya de León

Another Rioter recommended it, and I’m so glad he did. This is a detective story and a mashup romance. This is not a mystery puzzle type book – instead, you follow criminals. But not your everyday criminals: these are the women who run a women’s health clinic in New York City for underprivileged women. However, you need the money to keep a clinic open, and the funding just isn’t enough. Marisol Rivera therefore creates an escort service that targets CEOs who wish to donate to the clinic. Except that she targets CEOs with human garbage, so she and her team can steal them. A girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep helping her community… As for romance: Rivera might finally have a chance to have a real relationship when a former cop she grew up with starts to shop around. of its orbit. There is also a very good relationship between two of the clinic employees. In addition, many criminal activities – including times of detention, they will get caught.

(Trigger Warning: Sexual / Domestic Abuse)

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