5 of the best thriller books

Everyone needs to experience the thrill, intensity, and horror of reading at least one good horror book throughout their lifetime. Not just the scary ghost books, or the basic, predictable “horror” books. You must read the book that will keep you up all night because every page is a twist and every sentence keeps you hooked. The kind of book that feels so realistic, you’re terrified of being in the story. The kind of thriller books that I think everyone should try to read are the ones that make you want more.

  1. Then She Was Gone (Lisa Jewell)

This book is sure to keep you hooked until the very last sentence. This book takes place in a small “safe” neighborhood – or so you think.

Ellie Mack is the perfect, golden child. She received perfect grades, had perfect attendance, and the perfect boyfriend, and everything about her, from looks to grades, was perfect. Until the day she left.

Ten years later, Ellie has still not been found and is presumed dead. A mother’s instinct is never wrong, but Ellie’s mother refuses to give up until she finds out the truth about what happened to her daughter.

When Laurel Mack, Ellie’s mother, one day meets a man named Floyd at a coffee shop, they instantly catch each other’s attention. Things between Laurel and Floyd move fast and when Laurel meets Floyd’s daughter, Poppy, the resemblance between Poppy and Ellie is extraordinary. In this gruesome and twisted thriller, we read the journey of what happened to Ellie Mack through her mother’s eyes.

This book is a must read. It will keep you from reading at night and wanting to know more. The plot twists and turns will keep you going until the second you close the book at the very end.

  1. The Whispering Man (Alex North)

This story shows the relationship between a recently widowed father, Tom, and his young son, Jake, as they move to a new neighborhood in hopes of a fresh start.

Throughout the book, each page reveals the criminal investigation of a serial killer in the small suburban town, known as “Whisper Man”.

The Whisper Man brings the children to him whispering through their windows. Everything seems fine and safe until Jake starts hearing these whispers at night in his bedroom….

This story oscillates between two points of view, the father, Tom, and the police. Throughout this book, secrets we never thought will be revealed and you will constantly be looking for more.

These pages contain intense, scary and real feelings that will make you want to lock every door three times at night and install cameras everywhere, especially near your windows.

  1. The Silent Patient (Alex Michaelides)

Have you ever wondered why people kill? What drives them to murder?

In this thriller, a woman named Alicia murders her husband. When the police interrogate her, she becomes completely speechless. Alicia seemed perfectly normal. She seemed happy and content, so why did she? This is the question everyone wants to know. This story embarks on the journey to learn Alicia’s secrets.

We meet her doctor, Theo, who wants to break her down and find out what happened.

Reading this book feels like being inside Alicia’s head, watching it all unfold. This book will make you want to scream for Alicia to talk and with every page you’ll learn a new hidden secret. This story does a phenomenal job of maintaining interest, as well as giving just enough information in each chapter, while keeping readers guessing every second.

  1. One Was Lost (Natalie D. Richards)

What would you do if you were lost and isolated in the middle of the desert? Now, what would you do if someone was stalking you too?

Sera, Lucas, Emily and Jude are four teenage best friends who must stick together if they want to stay alive…

The group goes on a camping trip with their classmates and teachers until they suddenly lose track of the trail and the four get lost in the woods with no food, no water, and no way back.

Not only are they lost in the woods, but the four teenagers are also hunted down and hunted by a stranger.

One morning they all wake up with words starting with ‘D’ on their wrists. Words such as dangerous, damaged, deceptive and darling…

The story centers on the students trying to survive in the wild, find their way home, and find out who is watching them and why.

This novel is perfect if you like an adventurous, fast-paced thriller. The story compels its readers to try to solve this mystery of the secret stalker, while hoping that the children all survive. With the stalker leaving clues in each chapter, it’s up to the four classmates to figure out what they mean. Do they survive?

  1. The Lake (Natasha Preston)

Esme and Kayla were once campers at Camp Pine Lake. A few years later, they returned but as advisers this summer. Esme and Kayla are ready to have the best summer of their lives!!

That’s until someone starts tormenting them and reminds them of the horrible thing they did back when they were campers.

This secret has been hidden for years; the only ones who know are Esme, Kayla, and of course the lake…

This story holds many secrets that will surprise you.

History proves that some mistakes never go away. This book certainly left me wanting more and was the perfect mix of thriller and mystery. I recommend this book to all thrillers and I want suspense readers.

There are many thriller and horror stories out there and I haven’t read them all yet, but this list includes my top 5 that I personally think everyone should try if they are looking for a sense of thrill and fear. Each of the listed books is sure to shock you after turning each page.

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