A forgotten thriller explodes on Netflix


Although good movies and shows, like Squid game, continue to display on Netflix, it’s always nice to find a movie that you saw years ago or that you might have passed under your radar when it was released.

Premonition could be one of those movies for you. The film was released in 2007, but has only just found a solid foundation on Netflix. The Sandra Bullock-led film is now among the top 10 films on the platform, joining The guilty, Titantic, half-brothers, and Gladiator, according to FlixPatrol.

The film is characterized as a dramatic / mystery thriller, which might tickle your fancies given the time of year although it is not a horror film.

In Premonition, Bullock portrays Linda Hanson, the wife of Jim Hanson (Julian McMahon), who dies in a car accident while on a business trip. The next day, however, Jim is alive and well, much to Linda’s confusion. Jim died again the next day, leading Linda to believe that she is living a messy week and can save her husband from his death.

While many fans didn’t seem to like the film very much, given its 50% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, critics hated this. With 163 critical reviews, Premonition received a Tomatometer score of 8%, indicating that a large number of critics were not fans of this film.

Maybe you want to try it out for yourself, though. If that is the case, Premonition can be found via Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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