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Obvious is a sci-fi thriller film directed by Richeler Aladdin. An online user’s deadly predictions begin to come true, which attracts the attention of two detectives who must track him down. The film is set to premiere on February 15, 2022.

proven premise

The film centers on anonymous online user/fortune teller Ashton, otherwise known as “The Prodigal Augur” (James Drake Coleman), who begins posting videos about his predictions for the world.

But as those predictions turn into reality‘The Prodigal Augur’ becomes a source of concern for two detectives, Wesley (Bradley Opara) and Malcolm (Ervin Brown), who are determined to hunt down ‘Augur’.

Augur’s popularity grows, as a young reporter Ava (Rachel Webb), who happens to be Bradley’s wife, clings to the story.

She has no intention of slowing down, as the blanket takes the heat away from her boss Mickey (Ruben Caballero), who so far hasn’t been happy with her job, to say the least. we can say.

As the detectives dig deeper into the case, they discover how the predictions can come to fruition. It turns out that a serum will hit the market that will allow the inventor of this serum to control the user who drinks it.

And to complicate matters, Texas Senator Charles (Javier Medellin) he just happens to be the person behind it all. Charles’s bid for the presidency was eventually threatened by the “Prodigal Augur”, whose influence steadily grew.

The detectives must team up with “Prodigal Augur” and Ava to stop the senator from taking over the world in a twist of fate.

Confirmed lead actor

  • Bradley Opara as Wesley
  • Ervin Brown as Malcolm
  • James Drake Coleman as Ashton / The Prodigal Augur
  • Rachel Webb as Ava
  • Rubén Caballero as Mickey
  • Javier Medellin as Charles

Trailer confirmed

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