An Exciting New Sci-Fi TV Series Based On The Upgrade Is Coming

While Leigh Whannell shut down the idea of ​​a Upgrade movie sequel, he never ruled out a TV series.

Imagine a world where all of our problems could be solved if we were just technologically improved. What would that look like? How would it be regulated? There have been great movies in the past like Total recallgames like Cyberpunk 2077and even recent anime like Cyberpunk: Edgerunner that show us the grim reality of a capitalist world that relies more and more on technology. Upgrade explore this even further.

Blumhouse is already working on a screenplay for a Upgrade spin-off TV series and it looks like they’re ready to rework the script until they get an order.

Not much is known about the TV series other than its basic premise, that it will pick up a few years after the events of the film, and that the central idea is to expand the cyberpunk universe of Upgrade with an evolved version of STEM, the experimental advanced computer chip technology that was briefly explored in the film. The series will bring in an all new protagonist/host for the show and wants to imagine a world in which the government reuses STEM technology to help stop criminal activity in their ever-growing tech city. Basically a more modern RoboCop.

Leigh Whannall, the brilliant mind behind the previous film, will serve as co-creator and showrunner on the project, aided by Tim Walsh of walking stone and Shooter who will co-create and produce the project.

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The movie 2018

Recognized as one of the most groundbreaking and realistic sci-fi thrillers of the year, Upgrade was a cyberpunk thriller film directed by Leigh Whannell (of Insidious and The invisible Man).

Upgrade takes place in the near future where technology has taken over almost every aspect of life. Grey, a technophobe and mechanic, finds his world turned upside down when his wife’s self-driving car breaks down and breaks down. Paralyzed by the accident and a widower, he sinks into depression. The only way to put him back the right way is with an experimental computer chip implant (STEM) that would allow him to walk again and improve his body. With his mobility restored and a few extra abilities on top, he decides to use his skills to get revenge on the people who destroyed his life and cost him his wife.

Produced by Jason Blum under the Blumhouse production banner, the film starred Abby Craden as the voice of Kara, Betty Gabriel as Detective Cortez, Harrison Gilbertson as Eron Keen, Logan Marshall-Green as Gray Trace, Melanie Vallejo as Asha Trace, Ming -Zhu Hii as Dr. Diana Gordon, Simon Maiden as the voice of Stem, and Steve Danielsen as Jeff Handley.

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Jason Blum

Jason Blum is the CEO of Blumhouse and has been passionately involved in the Upgrade project, both the film and the television series. He shared an ambitious update with Collider on what his studio has planned for the TV series, and is more than eager to expand the world of Upgrade and get the series off the ground. Although ambitious, he hopes for a direct mass production order.

Upgrade should have been a wide release. I was pissed off about this. We are working on a TV show. So work on the scripts. This first round did not succeed. I didn’t get the answer I wanted to get. I don’t want to be in development, I want an order. We are working on the scripts again, so we can get an order. And I don’t want to develop it.

With the recent release and success of Cyberpunk: Edgerunner, the genre is in the spotlight right now, and there seem to be some epic titles emerging from the obscurity. We can’t wait for any more updates on the sequel series.

What do you want to see in a Upgrade TV series?

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