Apple TV + ‘s first Korean series will air in November; Trailer [Watch]


Apple TV + has announced that its first Korean-language series, “Dr. Brain”, will begin airing in November.

The thriller series is based on a web comic series of the same name from webtoon creator Hongjacga. “Dr. Brain” follows the story of a brilliant neuroscientist, Sewon, played by “Parasite” actor Lee Sun-Kyun, who is obsessed with creating new technologies to access memories stored in the brain .

When his family dies in a mysterious accident, Sewon uses an experiment called “brain synchronization,” where he “synchronizes” his brain with that of his deceased wife in order to access his memories for clues about the tragedy.

The show is directed and produced by Kim Jee-Woon, who also directed “A Tale of Two Sisters” and “I Saw the Devil”.

Kim had previously stated that he accepted the role of director because of his unique plot.

“It was interesting to follow the protagonist’s journey as he investigates a mysterious accident and finds out what really happened to his family and why. I think I can offer a unique take on the sci-fi thriller,” he told the Korea Times in March. .

“I also loved the theme and the subjects it explores. The series shows how a character becomes aware of the ironies of life by accessing the minds and memories of others and studying how others have perceived them. . He is also rebuilding a broken relationship, “he added.

“Dr. Brain” will premiere in the United States on November 3, coinciding with the launch of Apple TV + in South Korea, TV Line reported. The thriller series will release new episodes every week through December 10.

Apple TV + released a trailer for the thriller-drama-turned-webtoon on Sunday.

The trailer opens with a voiceover that says, “This kid has a very unique brain. A new kind of genius.” It shows a child lying on an operating table with a medical gadget connected to his head.

The clip progresses to show the central character immersed in research, seeing part of what appears to be a memory of his late wife who later says in a voiceover: “Find our son.”

“Dr. Brain” also stars “Gansin” actress Lee You-Young, Park Hee-Soo, Seo Ji-Hye and “Mr. Queen” actor Lee Jae-Won.

The series is produced for Apple TV + by Bound Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment, StudioPlex, and Dark Circle Pictures.

Apple’s latest results were boosted by the launch of its Apple TV + streaming TV service Photo credit: AFP / NOAH BERGER

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