Best Returning Series of 2022, So Far

2022 has seen great content around the world, from amazing new miniseries to premieres of great original shows that will hopefully continue for years to come. But nothing has been better this year than watching the turn of some of our favorite shows, especially when they unleashed perhaps their best seasons yet. As some of these series come to an end, the showrunners have pulled out all the stops. These are the best returning series of 2022, so far.


11 Mr Jack

The historical drama Mr Jack focuses on Anne Lister (Suranne Jones), an industrialist and landowner, as she engages in romantic relationships with women in England in the 1830s. The series takes a look at the LGBTQIA+ community at a time where they had to hide their true selves. Although HBO canceled Mr Jack after two seasons, there are rumors that the series could return for another season elsewhere. Mr Jack is available on HBO Max.

ten Russian doll

The first season of Russian doll followed Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha Lyonne), stuck in a time loop reliving the night she died as she tries to figure out why. The second season saw the return of Nadia and brought back the same goofy supporting characters and a similar formula, but this season, instead of dying, Nadia is transported back in time, giving her a chance to right her mother’s wrongs. and explore the art of letting go. . Lyonne delivers another genius performance this season, as does the rest of the cast. Russian doll is available on Netflix.

9 Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders premiered its final season in February to the excitement of fans. This season saw the Shelbys deal with political and family drama while mourning the loss of their matriarch Polly, played by the late Helen McCrory who died in 2021. Although this season felt the loss of Polly, that was all fans have been waiting for Peaky Blinders. As always, this season didn’t disappoint with its cinematography, and it gave us a great introduction to the Peaky Blinders film which has not yet released a premiere date. Peaky Blinders is now streaming on Netflix.

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8 Bridgerton

The historical romance of Shondaland Bridgerton became one of Netflix’s most-watched series during its first and second seasons. Based on the novels by Julia Quinn, the second season follows the head of the Bridgerton family Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) as he tries to find a bride during social season. This season also introduces newcomers Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran who are both beautiful to watch and add tremendously to the series. With Bridgerton being renewed for seasons three and four, fans are excited to see what the show will bring to the rest of the Bridgerton clan. Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix.

seven Euphoria

One of HBO’s most watched shows, Euphoria, returned this year with its second season. The show follows Rue Bennett (Zendaya) as she struggles with her addiction and discovers high school. Zendaya is surrounded by an incredible cast, including Sydney Sweeney and Colman Domingo, as they deal with serious issues in a teenage environment. Euphoria was nominated for multiple Emmy Awards and continues to receive accolades for its cinematography and screenplay. Although Barbie Ferreira says she won’t be returning for the third season, other cast members have high hopes for the show’s future. Euphoria is now streaming on HBO Max.

6 The boys

by Eric Kripke The boys brought its most graphic season yet this year with season three. This season brings back our favorite characters as they continue their quest to stop the superhero empire, Vought International. The boys did not disappoint this season as they continued with the perfect blend of action and comedy. Fans shouldn’t have to wait long for season four as they have now started production. The boys is available on Amazon Prime.

5 Only murders in the building

Steve Martin and Martin Short reunite for crime comedy thriller Only murders in the building. Selena Gomez, who also stars on the show, is a great addition to the SNL alumni and blends in beautifully with the comedy duo. The second season follows the same formula as the first with the hilarious trio trying to solve a murder in the Arconia. With the end of season two, it will be interesting to know what will happen in season three. Only murders in the building is available on Hulu.

4 Raised by wolves

Raised by wolves is a sci-fi drama about two androids tasked with raising human children on a new planet to save humanity. With Ridley Scott as executive producer, the series takes you on a wild ride as the characters battle the nature of humanity, with the series exploring the nature of religion and mythology along the way. Although HBO canceled Raised by wolves after its second season, fan petitions and one of the show’s stars, Abubakar Salim, may bring it back. All episodes of Raised by wolves is now streaming on HBO Max.

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3 Reservation dogs

Reservation dogs is the first series to feature all Indigenous writers and directors as well as an almost entirely Indigenous cast and production crew. This season brings back the Rez Dogs as they continue to mourn the loss of their best friend and figure out how to deal with their feelings as they begin to reach adulthood. The critically acclaimed half-hour drama series, created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, has received numerous awards and nominations, including the Peabody Awards and Golden Globes. Reservation dogs is available on Hulu.

2 The Last Kingdom

Uthred (Alexander Dreymon) and The Last Kingdom returns for its fifth and final season. This season has been filled with awe-inspiring battle scenes, stunning landscapes, and the conclusion of some of our favorite storylines. This big season also saw the start of brand new storylines in preparation for the highly anticipated feature film, Seven kings must die. The Last Kingdom is streaming on Netflix.

1 stranger things

Netflix’s flagship science fiction series, stranger things, has only gotten better over the years, as season four proved. The Duffer Brothers had arguably their best season yet with their use of music to drive their story, audience replacement Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), and the perfect timing of their big bad, Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower). ). With their renewed fifth season, fans have several theories about what the final season will bring. Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix.

With only a few months left in the year, it’ll be hard to top shows like Stranger Things and Euphoria. But with the fall season approaching, audiences can expect great things to come.

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