Best Scary Halloween Reads of 2021


Pumpkin-spice everything is back in stock; CVS has some suggestions for this year’s Halloween decor; and so help yourself, you will dress for sweater weather even if you have to turn the air conditioning on to get there. That’s right: fall is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than with a delightfully spooky new read? From thrilling thrillers to annoying ghost stories and magical exes, this list of haunting new releases has it all. Read on to find your must read for the spooky season.

A slow burning fire

In the author’s latest thriller The girl on the train and In water, a macabre murder is discovered on a London barge. As the case progresses, three women – the victim’s aunt, her latest one-night stand and a curious neighbor – are drawn into the investigation.


Everything is fine

Miranda was a rising star of the Shakespearean regional theater, but that all changed after the accident that left her with chronic pain that no doctor can manage to treat – which may have something to do with the fact that the Most of the specialists Miranda has seen are convinced that she made it all up in her head. Add to that an unsatisfying job as a stage director at a small liberal arts college, where Miranda’s mutinous troupe of young actors are determined to wrest control of the play from him, until three mysterious strangers from the local pub offer him to make his life just a little easier. This one is a delightfully sinister tale of women’s pain from the author of rabbit.


If I disappear

After miscarriage and divorce, Sera is all alone in the world, with only the podcast Murder, she spoke for business. She listens to him so obsessively that she begins to regard her host, Rachel Bard, as her closest friend, and perhaps the only one. So, when Rachel suddenly disappears, Sera takes care of finding her. A weird and twisted thriller that’s sure to shake up the most seasoned real crime, If I disappear marks Eliza Jane Brazier as a person to watch. (We are already impatiently awaiting his second novel, Good rich people, released in January 2022.)


My heart is a chainsaw

Described as the “Jordan Peele of horror literature”, the author of 2020’s The only good Indians is back with a meta-meditation on displacement and gentrification. Thanks to a recent wave of high-end newcomers, the lakeside town where horror-loving Jade lives with her father Blackfeet has become increasingly unrecognizable. But as tourists disappear, Jade begins to suspect that gentrification may not be the only evil threatening her community.


Some dark things

Count on the author of Mexican gothic to offer a heady and totally original take on any myth or monster you can imagine. Originally published in 2016, the author’s neo-noir vampire in Mexico City has been reissued just in time for a spooky season.


I have never

Banish the thoughts of Netflix and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from your mind: Instead of a sweet streak of high school students, in this volume you will find a debut collection of enchanting, monstrous and macabre news. In these 13 tales, Isabel Yap skillfully weaves elements of sci-fi and fabulist with classic horror tropes to create something entirely new.


Pretty girls

When Mary returns to her peaceful hometown of Minnesota, she’s a different person than when she left: cynical instead of nice, thin instead of chubby, and freshly kicked out of Cornell for reasons she didn’t. will not share. Then the pretty and perfect Olivia Willand, Mary’s former best friend, disappears, and Mary thinks there’s more to the story than the rest of town is willing to admit. When Mary begins to suspect that Olivia’s disappearance is linked to another recent missing person case, she sets out on an investigation that opens up old wounds and uncovers a painful truth.


No gods, no monsters

What at first glance looks like a case of police brutality soon turns out to be something far stranger in this creature novel — the first in a new series — by the author of Lesson. Weave classic features with sharp social commentary, No gods, no monsters imagine a world where the monsters are real, and it is they who seek to protect themselves from the dark.


Nothing but blackened teeth

If that doesn’t sound like pumpkin and spice season until you’ve gotten your haunted house fix, grab Cassandra Khaw’s new ‘beautifully scary’ horror novel for a dose of Shirley Jackson in passing through Japanese folklore. When a group of friends celebrating a wedding descend on the ruins of an abandoned mansion, an evening of revelry quickly turns into a living nightmare.


Revenge is a witch

Lana Harper’s charming and cozy romantic comedy follows Emmy Harlow, the prodigal daughter of a esteemed magical clan, who reluctantly returns to her hometown for a family spellcasting tournament. She dreads the prospect of meeting her magically powerful ex, Gareth Blackmoore, but a chance meeting with Talia Avramov, Gareth’s last despised lover, makes Emmy dream of revenge… and unable to get Talia out of her head. If that’s not enough to hook you, the book is described as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets The word I– do I have to say more ?!


Slonim Woods 9: A Memoir

Daniel Barban Levin was in his second year at Sarah Lawrence College when one of his roommates, Talia Ray, asked if his father, Larry, could stay with them for a little while. Levin and the others said yes, and at first Larry served as a father figure to all the young adults who lived there. Over the next year, however, Larry’s presence turned into something much more sinister. If you’ve ever devoured Amanda Montell’s Worship and finished all the available NXIVM docuseries, this thesis is for you.


Summer son

Southern Gothic but make him gay: A few days before Andrew is supposed to move in with his best friend, Eddie, to Nashville, Eddie commits suicide – at least, that’s what the authorities call him. Andrew sets out to uncover the truth, immersing himself in both the academia of Eddie’s graduate program and the underground street racing scene where Eddie was passionate about. But the more he finds out, the more Andrew realizes that he may not be prepared for what he finds.


The comfort of monsters

Peg’s sister, Dee, disappeared in Milwaukee 30 years ago, in the summer of 1991, when Jeffrey Dahmer’s reign of terror was at its height. When their dying mother hires a psychic to help the family bring Dee’s disappearance to an end, Peg dives headlong into the past, reliving the last few months with Dee before everything changes forever. Can Peg fully trust her own memories of this summer? And was there anything she could have done to save her sister?


The dangers of smoking in bed

In Mariana Enriquez’s latest collection, monsters walk among us, as do zombies, witches and ravenous women. The result is a patchwork of delightfully spooky stories where our inner demons are made flesh and our worst decisions literally haunt our waking hours. Imagine Edgar Allan Poe as a disgruntled millennial with a master’s degree in gender studies.


Golden persimmon

Set in the titular institution – a cloistered New York City hotel, home to many well-kept secrets – this novel follows Clytemnestra, a recording girl whose world is turned upside down when she makes an unexpected connection with a guest at the hotel in trouble. In a parallel reality, a non-binary writer named Jaime takes refuge from a mysterious haze in what turns out to be a sex hotel, where Jaime is soon trapped with six strangers.


Queen of the cicadas

In 2018, Belinda returned to Texas for the wedding of a friend on a farm with a grim past: A migrant farm worker named Milagros was murdered there in the 1950s. But what Belinda doesn’t know is when Milagros passed away, the Aztec goddess of death swore that she and Milagros would eventually be reborn and take revenge. The result is another delightfully sinister tale from the exciting new author of Goddess of dirt.


The phrase

Famous author Louise Erdrich’s irresistible new novel dares to ask the question: what if you were haunted by the ghost of the most annoying person you’ve ever met? This is the dilemma faced by workers at a small independent bookstore in Minneapolis. The store’s newest recruit, Tookie, sets out to get to the bottom of the incredibly irritating ghost story that has taken over his workplace.


When judgment comes

If you liked last year Mexican gothic, LaTanya McQueen’s debut novel is a must-see. Mira, a black high school teacher, has spent her entire life trying to move past memories of her hometown. Then Celine, her childhood white best friend, invites Mira to her wedding at Woodsman Plantation, the haunted site of the tragic event that caused Mira to leave town over 10 years ago.


In these wicked walls

Lauren Blackwood’s Unmissable Debut is a magical Ethiopian-inspired remix of Jane eyre. When the handsome Magnus Rochester hires Andromeda, a type of exorcist known as Debt, she knows it’s a dangerous position, so much so that every Debt hired before she has resigned. Yet she is so badly in need of the money that she has no choice but to take the job and hang on to her life … even as Magnus’ most dangerous secrets begin to unravel. she.


Women and other monsters

If you like getting a healthy dose of feminist analysis with your spooky dose, look no further than Jess Zimmerman’s complicated love letter to 11 of the most infamous female monsters in Greek mythology. Very often, women are told that feeling and expressing human emotions, like hunger, rage, and ambition, will make them freakish. Drawing inspiration from Medusa, the Furies and others, Zimmerman overturns that idea, encouraging readers to ask: What are we really afraid of?


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