Best Thrillers: Domestic Thriller

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From Agatha Christie to Gillian Flynn and beyond, women writers have written some of the most provocative and popular works of detective fiction. This Summer features thrillers from four writers who, despite their differences in style, share two striking similarities: their novels involve family dramas that escalate in chilling and unpredictable ways – and they’ve all written books that, so far, rank among the best. detective novels in 2022.

“What Happened to the Bennetts” by Lisa Scottoline

The Bennetts are a typical American suburban family until a violent incident changes everything. Reluctantly, they enter witness protection. Then husband and father Jason Bennett, beset by trauma and struggling to help his family recover, comes across a startling discovery that pushes him closer to the edge and presents him with an overwhelming choice. Scottoline expertly crafts tension and emotion, never losing sight of the realistic human frailties that all too often in thrillers are overlooked in favor of the plot. The result is a gripping, cinematic read with heart.

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“The Young Woman”, by Sally Hepworth

Emotionally distant sisters Tully and Rachel Aston are reunited when their father announces his engagement to Heather Wisher, a woman younger than them. Tully, Rachel and Heather each have their own deep-rooted secrets that threaten to destroy their carefully constructed lives. As the wedding date approaches, their facades start to come undone. “The Younger Wife” is a story of power, family and friendship and the wonderful realization of love. Hepworth – author of “The Good Sister” and “The Family Next Door” – deftly weaves a detailed family story into a fast-paced thriller.

‘The Love of My Life’ is a masterful domestic thriller with a plot doozy

“More Than You’ll Ever Know”, by Katie Gutierrez

This fantastical debut tells the story of aspiring true crime writer Cassie Bowman and the woman she is obsessed with – Lore Rivera, a Mexican international banker who, 30 years earlier, was secretly married to two men, one who would have murdered the other. Cassie has her own secrets and, in the process of interviewing Lore about her past, is forced to face some life-changing truths about hers. It is a radical, unwavering and evocative novel in its gripping study of love, motherhood, sex, Mexico, journalism and more. (June 7)

“You’re Invited”, by Amanda Jayatissa

Jayatissa, author of 2021’s “My Sweet Girl” tells the story of Amaya Bloom, a young Sri Lankan woman living in the United States who is invited to the wedding of her former best friend, Kaavi. It turns out that Kaavi is marrying Amaya’s ex-boyfriend. Amaya accepts the invitation to return to Sri Lanka for the event, secretly determined to stop the wedding. She ends up being framed for Kaavi’s murder. Seemingly lighthearted, “You’re Invited” is also a story about the pitfalls of identity and the pain of lost friendship. (August 9)

EA Aymar’s next novel, “No Home for Killers”, will be published in early 2023.

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