‘Bridgerton’ Star Ruby Barker Joins the Cast of Upcoming Horror Thriller ‘Baghead’


Popular show Bridgerton Star Ruby Barker has landed a pivotal role in an upcoming horror thriller. Ruby Barker stars as Marina Thompson on popular Netflix show Bridgerton. She will reprise her respective role in the second season of the Netflix show. Bridgerton.

Ruby Barker joins the cast of horror thriller Baghead

According to a Deadline report, Ruby Barker has signed on to appear in Studiocanal and The Picture Company’s new horror thriller titled Bag head. Along with Ruby, Witcher star Freya Allen would also play a central role in the film. Ruby Barker will play the key role of a young woman who must face the traitor Baghead and put an end to her manic evil at all costs. Baghead will be filmed in several locations in Berlin and Germany. Bag head is adapted from the short film of the same name and will be directed by Alberto Corredor. Christina Pamies and Bryce McGuire wrote the script and the screenplay for the film.

The film will revolve around a mysterious character called Baghead who is a wrinkled little person capable of manifesting the dead and bringing them back to the world for short intervals. People then search for the mysterious way to reconnect with lost loved ones. However, after the contract a higher price has to be paid which becomes a troubling problem for everyone. The film takes a Saw-like approach and adds some supernatural elements. The Picture Company, Alex Heineman, Andrew Rona and Studiocanal are producing the film. Roy Lee will act as executive producer with Jake Wagner.

Ruby Barker recently received numerous accolades for her role as Marina Thompson in Bridgerton and even won the award for Best Female Actor at the British Urban Film Festival for his performance in How to stop a recurring dream. She played the role of Yakira in the film. She even played a central role in Cobra. She even played a role in popular shows like Doctors and Wolf blood. She played the role of Nina Hobbs for two years in the series Doctors. She also appeared in the music video for Humanist: Ring of Truth.


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