British doctor who signed Livers has published medical thrillers

  • Simon Branhall has pleaded guilty to signing his initials on two transplanted livers in 2017.
  • On Monday, the MPTS struck him off the UK medical register, banning him from practicing.
  • Branhall appears to have released medical thrillers, including one about a surgeon signing a liver.

A surgeon who was struck off the UK medical register after autographing his initials on patients’ livers appears to have self-published several medical thrillers, including one about a doctor who marks a patient’s liver.

Simon Branhall initially pleaded guilty in Birmingham Crown Court in December 2017 to using an argon beam coagulator to mark his initials on two transplanted livers after performing surgeries at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2013, according to reports. documents from the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

On Monday, following the MPTS review of his actions in December 2020 and then revoking a suspension from his medical practice in June, the MPTS struck him off the medical register, Insider reported. The court said Branhall’s actions caused no serious physical harm, but inflicted “significant emotional harm” on at least one of the patients, according to the BBC, and were “due to a certain degree of professional arrogance “.

Outside of his medical work, Branhall appears to have self-published several thrillers with his writing partner Fionn Murphy involving organs, hospitals and dangerous injuries.

“The Letterman” is described on the website for Murphy and Branhall’s book, Scalpel Stories, as the story of a surgeon who “was found to have inscribed his initials on a donor’s liver during an operation. of vital transplantation ”, and the conflict that arises from it. in the media and in court.

There is also “Just Another Saturday Night”, which concerns the accident and emergency department of a regional hospital in the United Kingdom and includes the mention “of a burst appendix, broken limbs, severed appendages. . misplaced prosthesis; a cerebral hemorrhage “, according to its description on the site.

The duo’s first book, “Trick or Treat?” features a photo of a knife on the cover and includes “a hospital mixed with racism, incompetence and drug addiction”, and is described as a combination of detective story, medical drama and dark humor on the site Web. It was self-published in June 2019, a year and a half after Branhall pleaded guilty.

“The Letterman” is not available for purchase on Bramhall’s Amazon Marketplace page, which features a photo of him and a description of his career as a surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, nor viewable on his Goodreads profile. , but his other books are.

The biography of the Amazonian author of Bramhall says he is “a consulting surgeon whose many years of experience are used for the medical aspects of the novels.”

Branhall and Murphy did not respond to requests for comment.

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