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CAZENOVIA – On August 27, Cazenovia native Siobhan Fallon Hogan released his new revenge thriller, “Rushed,” in select US theaters and on streaming platforms Apple and Amazon.

Written, produced, and starring Fallon Hogan, Rushed tells the story of Barbara O’Brien, an Irish Catholic mother from upstate New York whose life is turned upside down when her son Jimmy, a freshman at college, is in a fraternity hazing incident. In an effort to prove the university’s responsibility, she is traveling the country registering mothers who have lost sons to hazing. Faced with corruption and cover-ups, she seeks revenge on the one person she holds responsible for her family’s tragedy.

Directed by Vibeke Muasya and co-produced by Lars von Trier’s Zentropa Films, Rushed also stars Robert Patrick (“T2: Judgment Day”); Jake Weary (“Animal Kingdom”, “The Ultimate Noise Playlist”); Jay Jay Warren (“The Shed”); Peri Gilpin (“Frasier”); Brian O’Halloran (“Employees”); Jordan Lage (“Madam Secretary”); Rusty Schwimmer (“The Perfect Storm”); rapper Fat Nick; former NFL player Phil Villapiano; and two of Fallon Hogan’s children, Peter Munson Hogan and Sinead Hogan.

Fallon Hogan was born in Syracuse and raised in Cazenovia. She graduated from Le Moyne College in 1983 and received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

She has appeared in several blockbusters, including “Forrest Gump”, “Men in Black”, “Holes”, “New In Town”, “Going in Style”, “Charlotte’s Web” and “Funny Games”. Her TV credits include “Saturday Night Live”, “Seinfeld”, “Billions”, “What We Do In The Shadows”, “American Gods”, “Wayward Pines”, “30 Rock” and “Law & Order”.

Rushed is the first feature film written by Fallon Hogan, who has already written five one-woman shows.

“About three years ago, when I was thinking of writing another one-woman show, I said, ‘Well, I’ve been in enough movies to know how to write one,’” Fallon Hogan said. “So I just sat down and started writing.”

Fallon Hogan recalled that she had no plans to write a revenge thriller.

“I [started writing] this story of a mom who never wanted to be in the limelight, ”she said. “She did something that I really admire, raising kids. When her son goes to college and there is a big problem in the fraternity, she tries to do the right thing and take all the right avenues, but then she runs into a brick wall, [and I thought,] “What does a mother do to protect her child? She takes justice into herself and, as the trailer says, “Hell has no fury like a despised mother.” So it became a thriller without my knowledge, and it became a revenge thriller.

After completing the script in about four months, Fallon Hogan sent it to Zentropa Films in Denmark.

The actress has starred in three von Trier films since 2000 – the Palme d’Or winner “Dancer in the Dark”, “Dogville” and “The House That Jack Built”.

Fallon Hogan said that as soon as Zentropa expressed interest in producing her film, she started calling actors and crew members that she respected and enjoyed working with before.

The film was shot primarily in Rumson, New Jersey, where Fallon Hogan currently lives. The last two days of filming took place during the height of the fall foliage in Cazenovia, where she spent the summer with her family for years.

Locally, filming took place at St. James Catholic Church, the First Presbyterian Church in Cazenovia, and on Ridge Road near Meadowood Farms. The Cazenovia sign at the end of the lake, as well as locations in Syracuse, are also depicted in the film.

“In Cazenovia, the McKay family put together a crew, and so did my sisters,” Fallon Hogan said. “I went on Facebook to ask if anyone would like to rent rooms, and overall people said, ‘You don’t pay us for the rooms, we’re just going to put people up. “

Fallon Hogan described the process of making a film as a “family affair”.

In addition to playing the brotherhood boy Vinny, Fallon Hogan’s son served as the film’s co-producer and musical supervisor. He also wrote a scene with rapper Fat Nick. Her elder, Bernadette, a political reporter for the New York Post, helped write the film’s reporting scenes, and her youngest, Sinead, plays a sorority.

The three children also stepped in as decorators, helping transform their family home into the fraternity house featured in the film.

Fallon Hogan’s husband, Peter Hogan, plays a bartender; her cousin Frank Shattuck plays a store owner; her sister Mary Bigsby and her niece Lizzy Bigsby play nurses; the child of his cousin, Mac Conan, plays the role of valet; his niece Siobhan Wright (née Bigsby) plays the maid; and Wright’s husband, Brian, plays the butler.

Rushed is the first film to be produced by Fallon Hogan’s new company, Emerald Caz Productions, which she created with her husband in 2019.

Fallon Hogan said she tried to emulate von Trier’s Danish film style when starting her own business.

“They have a whole different way of making movies,” she said. “There is really neither above the line nor below the line, so they treat the team with as much respect as the actors. [modeled] my business after. . . I hired people I respected and wanted to treat them the way I want to be treated on a set. “

Fallon Hogan also explained that producing Rushed outside of the major movie studio system gave her the independence to create the film she envisioned.

“When you produce like that and you don’t have a studio, nobody tells you 10 different opinions,” she said. “In the past, with the studios, there was only one boss. [This way,] you don’t have to bow down to strange people’s ideas or ideas you don’t agree with.

Two Emerald Caz films are currently in development.

“Shelter in Solitude” will begin filming on September 27 in Cazenovia, Erieville and Syracuse.

“Robert Patrick will be back, playing my brother and the manager, and I’ll be an aspiring country singer,” Fallon Hogan said.

According to Fallon Hogan, the film will be shot locally at Blue Canoe and Kay’s Country Store in Erieville, Nelson’s Welsh Church, Lane Road and the residences of Donna and Dan Snyder, Mary Judd and Mike Maliga.

Rushed will perform at the Catherine Cummings Theater at Cazenovia College on August 27 and September 1, the Camillus Movie Tavern and Manlius Art Cinema from August 27, and the Westcott Theater from September 9.

“The showing of this film in Cazenovia is totally exciting,” Fallon Hogan said on August 25. “People like [Public Works Administrator] Bill Carr and [Mayor] Kurt Wheeler was so nice to us letting us film it. The people have been incredibly supportive, and my family has really supported me. I did my very first one-woman show in my twenties at the Catherine Cummings Theater. I remember being upstairs, looking at the line and thinking, ‘Oh my god. Pressure. It’s all the people I know. But it’s gonna be awesome. I can not wait.

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