Chronicles of CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is an action-thriller TV series we’ve always wanted

21 lbs. 5 films. 4 actors played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine – the legacy of popular spy Jack Ryan continues, but this time in the form of a new TV series called Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Known for their work on the Lost TV series, Jack Ryan is brought to us by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland in association with Amazon. Unlike his previous expeditions, based on the post-Cold War era, TV’s Jack Ryan shatters the image to rub shoulders with other contemporary fictional spy characters. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is now live on Amazon Prime Video as an eight-part saga.

As for the Jack Ryan story, the typical CIA deskie is given a field mission after discovering a series of bank transfers that can lead to a growing terrorist threat. His journey takes him to various cities in Europe and the Middle East.

What makes Jack Ryan – the TV series different from the rest is the fact that it’s authentic in every way. Jack Ryan used thousands of ammunition, heavy artillery, pistols and machine guns to make the action as real as possible. Even the wardrobe, accessories, and armor were all real to make the show look as authentic as possible. Former Navy SEAL Kevin Kent was hired to make the props used as realistic as possible.

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While other action thrillers rely heavily on drama and unrealistic fight sequences, Jack Ryan is not. Prime Original Jack Ryan talks about the men working on the ground to protect their country. The show plays with a lot of politics and doesn’t even hesitate to talk about religious conflicts.

Jack Ryan of television was taken over by John Krasinski, known for his role as Jim Halpert in “The Office” and the recent blockbuster “A Quiet Place”. Other notable names in the series are Wendell Pierce (of The Wire) playing James Greer, John Hoogenakker as Matice, Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller, and Ali Suliman as Suleiman.

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As for the man who wrote Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s work on espionage and military science has gotten us hooked since his first book was released in 1984. Ryan first appeared in The Hunt for Red October and has since appeared in 21 books, with nearly seven appearing in the past four years, which is no small feat considering Clancy passed away in 2013.

People who have seen the show before can tell you that the show is a wonder. But if you thought the story of Jack Ryan’s adventures ends here, you’d be wrong. The second season is already in production. Until then, for those who can’t wait for season two, watch all of the action from Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season one on Amazon Prime Video. It has everything we ever wanted. Let’s get into Jackverse now!

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