Damon Wayans & Pam Grier Join ‘Cinnamon’ Thriller Screen Rant

Damon Wayans and Pam Grier boarded the movie Tubi cinnamon by Village Roadshow Pictures.

The thriller centers on a struggling small-town gas station attendant and aspiring singer, Jodi Jackson, played by Tony contestant Hailey Kilgore, whose life is thrown into a tailspin when there is a robbery at her job. Grier will play Mama, the leader of his family’s criminal organization, with his son James (Jeremie Harris) carrying out his wishes.

Wayans is set for the role of Wally, whose convenience is stolen while he is deeply in debt to James and Mama. cinnamon also stars David Iacono as Eddie, Jodi’s devoted boyfriend and music manager.

Set to debut later this year, cinnamon is written and directed by Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. and produced by Kevin Garnett and his Content Cartel Studios, with director/producer Oz Scott.

Wayans credits include In living color and My wife and childrenand he also starred in Spike Lee’s Bamboos, Major Payne, Blankman and My moneywhich he also wrote and produced.

Grier is known for movies like The Big Dollhouse, Coffy, Foxy Brown and Something bad this way comes. She currently stars in the ABC series Bless This Mess, which also stars Dax Shepard and Lake Bell.

Wayans is replaced by CAA, while Grier is replaced by TalentWorks.

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