David Harbor joins Violent Night in thriller Dark Holiday

Stranger Things star David Harbor has been cast for the Universal 2022 holiday thriller Violent Night, directed by Dead Snow’s Tommy Wirkola.

David Harbor was cast for the Christmas-themed thriller Violent night. The actor, 46, has become an unlikely action leader in recent years after his role as Sheriff Hopper in the Netflix drama Strange things. The Last Towers of Harbor as a Marvel Red Guardian character in Black Widow and a violent mercenary facing Chris Hemsworth in Extraction proved his surprising talent for action choreography.

Now, Collider reports that Harbor will star in a new holiday thriller called Violent night Next year. Scheduled for release in December 2022, the Universal Pictures film is set to give the Christmas season a violent spin, although no plot details are known yet. Norwegian action-horror director Tommy Wirkola (Dead snow, Hansel & Gretel: the witch hunters) directs the project, while the screenplay is written by Sonic the hedgehog team Pat Casey and Josh Miller. Coming from 87North, the production company run by John wick‘s David Leitch, audiences can probably expect some thrill, some intense action, and maybe a slightly dark comedy tone.


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David Harbor as Red Guardian in Black Widow

While Harbor’s exact role in the film is not yet known, fans of the actor are sure to see him a lot next year. In 2022, Harbor will return as Hopper in Strange things season 4 on Netflix, and he’s also set to star alongside Anthony Mackie in the upcoming Ghost Adventure We have a ghost, directed by Happy day of the deadIt’s Christophe Landon. Harbor’s prowess as an action leader continues, and he also recently hinted at a return to the MCU for his Russian super-soldier Red Guardian. May be Violent night will give audiences a taste of what a solo Marvel outing could look like with Harbor in the lead.

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