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GUEST ARTICLE: Season three of Damages picks up on the recent global financial crisis with Patty Hewes and new partner named Tom Shayes pushing the boundaries of law and ethics to uncover the hidden fortunes of Ponzi finance mogul Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), a character inspired by Bernie Madoff’s recent Real Ponzi scheme, considered the largest ever made, with an estimated $ 50 billion.

Raising the stakes again, the third season of this Emmy-winning series pits Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan) in a legal battle against a company determined to evade justice, no matter how the consequences. are disastrous for him or for those around the case.

Similar to season one and two, Patty faces off against a top-flight company and her attorney Leonard Winstone (Martin Short) who has a hidden past in a battle to recoup the crippling losses suffered by victims of the massive investment fraud from Tobin.

As fans of the show expect, no matter how much Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) hates Patty for tearing her life apart while she was the wide-eyed partner in her law firm, she can’t stand it. keep from admiring how his mentor and former boss wields influence to obtain some form of justice for those who have nothing.

Although she left Hewes and Associates to work for the district attorney’s office in New York City, Ellen is slowly drawn into the web of court proceedings surrounding Tobin and becomes entangled in poisonous and cold mind games in what appears to be a largely failed attempt. to break free from Patty’s omnipresent control.

Season three of Damages will keep audiences waiting for the first episode with the effective use of flash-forward footage that serves to unravel the grim ending that meets one of the series’ main protagonists.

If you are a fan of seasons one and two, you might find that Patty’s main themes against the corporate fraudster, Patty’s destructive power plays, and Patty’s “whatever it takes” mentality to win are a bit repetitive.

But for many, that’s the allure of the Damages franchise – there is simply no other show that mixes the big issues of corruption, ethics and justice with the same depth of intrigue and development of character.

Season three of Damages is available now from Australian retailers like JB Hi FI in a three-DVD set, complete with episode introductions, episode recaps, deleted scenes, and behind-the-scenes commentary for selected episodes.

Other reviews on Damages Season 3

The good people behind FX’s “Damages” have apparently never heard of the sophomore crisis. Opening with a bang, literally, the third season of this gravity-defying balancing act of a show promises to be the best yet.

Jumping at the chance to fictionalize Bernie Madoff, here barely disguised as Ponzi Architect Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), creators Todd Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman give us the tantalizing opportunity to see what would happen if our daughter Patty could get to the bottom of it, all in the name of the defrauded masses: murder and mayhem, of course, featured in the series signature and still tantalizing and time-warped and executed by another set of killers.
– LA Times

While the second season of “Damages” has been built and improved over the first, due to unresolved details, the third flight is forced to undergo a reboot – and does so quite efficiently. Incorporating both a clearly Bernie Madoff-inspired financial scandal and a murder mystery, there is a “Law & Order” quality “ripped from the headlines” to the festivities, albeit serialized, elongated, and using the exacting formula of l ‘FX show. Whichever way you slice it up, this is big brain TV – the kind of program that needs to be watched with special attention to the little details.
– Variety

“Damages” still excels in unconventional castings, from Ted Danson as season one shrewd villain Arthur Frobisher to “Saturday Night Live” regular Darrell Hammond as last year’s mysterious villain. The wise casting continues this year with Martin Short as an attorney for the corrupt Tobin family.

While the new season of “Damages” launches a new mystery, the series retains its forward trademark that signals murders and / or deceptions that have yet to be revealed. It’s one of the more lyrical touches on the show, but this time around the reveal, a fantastical and personal engine for the stories, feels less like an attempt to manipulate audiences and more rooted in the plausible.
– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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