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In this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Lauren Blackwood about her first novel, In these wicked walls, which is described as “An Ethiopian-inspired Jane Eyre tale in which Andromeda – unlicensed debt – is hired to rid a castle of its dangerous curses, to fall in love with the boy whose life is on the line.

Here is the summary…

Andromeda is a debt-exorcist hired to cleanse households of the evil eye. When a handsome young heir named Magnus Rochester reaches out to hire him, Andromeda quickly realizes that this is a job like no other, with gruesome manifestations at every turn, and that Magnus is hiding far more than that. what she was trained for. Death is the most likely outcome if she stays, but letting Magnus live out his curse on his own is not an option. Evil can roam the halls of the castle, but so can a burning desire.

Those who pick up In these wicked walls looking for a beat-for-beat Jane eyre the narrative is probably going to be disappointed, but I strongly encourage you to forget all about it and read this amazing Lauren thriller based on its own merits. Filled with all the horror tropes you could possibly want, including somewhat unconventional romance, a great top-down character cast, and a haunted house you won’t soon forget, it’s a wonderful start. by Lauren, perfect for this time of year.

Steve and Lauren talk about her many passions, including the violin, she’s a professional after all, the instant love trope and why that is totally okay, the Jane eyre link with the book, In these wicked walls of course, and much more.

In these wicked walls is now available, click on HERE to order a copy today!

Coverage by PALESA.

About the Author:

Lauren Blackwood is an American New Yorker of Jamaican descent living in Virginia who writes fantastic novels for most ages. When not writing, she’s a physiotherapy assistant and violinist who really doesn’t know how to settle into a career field. His first novel YA, In these wicked walls, is to appear in Wednesday Books in fall 2021.

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Everything’s Canon: Inside These Wicked Walls


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