Ex Machina’s Alex Garland Sets Up Tech Thriller TV Series On FX As Post-Annihilation Project


After a career that has so far included novels, video games and feature films, Ex Machina and Annihilation Writer / director Alex Garland makes the leap to another medium: television.

Just a few weeks later Annihilation – his second feature film as a director after years of scriptwriting on projects like 28 days later and Dredd – created with critical acclaim, Garland shifted gears to work on Dev, a new Silicon Valley techno thriller about a tech company and its dark secrets that, if successful, will be its first TV series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX ordered a pilot for Dev, which Garland would write, direct and produce his first television project after signing a global deal with FX Productions last year. The series centers on Lily, a computer engineer who, after her boyfriend goes missing, begins investigating the “secret development division” of the San Francisco-based tech company she works for. We don’t have any details beyond that, but Dev could become another gripping tech thriller in the vein of today’s critical darling Mr. Robot.

Dev is a gripping series from Alex Garland, building on his groundbreaking work history that challenges our notion of humanity amidst the seemingly limitless promise of technology, ”said FX’s original programming president, Eric Schrier. “We are all the more delighted that Alex is directing and producing with our partners at DNA TV and Scott Rudin Productions.”

Through his cinematic work, Garland is best known to genre fans for his sci-fi work, which often questions the way we interact with technology and its implications for our future. We don’t yet know how far into science fiction this series could go (if it crosses current technological boundaries), but Schrier’s remark about “our notion of humanity” in the face of technology is intriguing.

Garland is a storyteller with big ideas about what it means to be human even as machines of all kinds continue to surround us. Dev could be the next frontier of this particular thematic interest for him, not to mention yet another triumph in the ever-growing field of filmmakers trying out television.

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