Five VR horror games to play this Halloween


It’s spooky season, and that means it’s time to celebrate with some haunted festivities. Whether it’s watching a horror movie with the family, going for a walk or dealing with your kids, or just enjoying the moment for what it is, there is plenty to do to get in. in the spirit of Halloween. If you are the type of person who enjoys spooky games this time of year, then you can turn to the spooky festival of virtual reality games. With so many VR games to choose from, you might have a hard time picking out the best ones. Don’t worry, because I did it for you! Here are five VR horror games you must play this Halloween (in no particular order)!


Anyone who has played this game knows exactly why its VR mode is a horror nightmare in all good ways. In Phasmophobia, you and up to three other friends are ghost hunters, you head to various locations and use all the tools at your disposal to identify the ghost and complete the challenges. With limited information, you need to think carefully and use your resources carefully. One faux pas can send you straight into the Spirit Realm, so teamwork is essential to success.

The reason Phasmophobia make this list it’s not for its premise, but for the way it translates into virtual reality. The game is scary on its own, but from a first-person and hand-held perspective, a ghost hunt goes from an inconvenience to an incredibly tense nightmare. Seeing the ghost chasing you as you run or watching it claw in front of you is full of dread and horror, and with friends it’s even better. It’s a must-have VR game, whether it’s Halloween or not.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

I mean, come on. You didn’t expect me to make a VR horror list and not mention a Resident Evil game, did you? Resident Evil is the main series to scare you, and with 7 being quite scary, its VR mode is even better. Resident Evil 7 puts you in the shoes of Ethan Winters, a man who lost his wife a long time ago. When a mysterious video comes directly from her, Ethan thinks of nothing more than to act immediately and head to the Louisiana ranch she ended up in. However, when he does get there, he quickly learns that there is something much more sinister lurking about this simple family. residence.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Resident Evil game would be like if you were in the eyes of its protagonist, wonder no more! This title is already filled with endless fears, and it only seems exacerbated in VR. Frantically pull out your gun and shoot a mold monster as it slowly crawls towards you, taking every bullet you throw at it is incredibly intense. Or even just walk its hallways, lest a member of the Baker family jump up and try to slaughter you. There is so much to be said about this title, which makes it a legend in the VR horror game space, perfect for Halloween. In addition, it should prepare you well for Resident Evil 4 imminent VR port.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

With two of the most well-known VR games, let’s move on to a horror game that is a little more outside. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a PlayStation VR exclusive that may not have much to do with the title to which it is linked, but makes for a perfect rail shooter filled with all kinds of horrors. As you move on a constantly moving track through seven different levels, you face all the horrors of witches, demon birds, and other quirks. Without too much fuss to worry about, you can really put your shooting skills to the test.

See, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is the type of game that really shouldn’t be as good as it is. This is a licensed PlayStation VR exclusive spin-off that appears on the surface to be designed exclusively to show off the capabilities of VR. But in the end, that makes him a pretty proficient shooter which, while flawed, can be a good time for those who are fed up with fearful of their grotesque enemies and just want to shoot bloody guns.

Dark days

A game with a name like Dark days does not immediately give confidence that you get what you pay for, but as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, this VR horror game can kind of make a perfect Halloween game. Dark days sees you put on the shoes of a young woman named Jade, locked in a dead end motel. Why she is running and how she will escape is unclear, however, with all secrets yet to be revealed. With this thought-provoking psychological thriller, Dark days can do something a little more grounded and sinister for those who enjoy a good horror mystery.

Since its release, Dark days was billed as a great VR title with “satisfying fears and a scary vibe,” and after seeing the trailer posted above, it’s hard not to agree. Of course, it has graphics that could rival those of New Blood. DUSK (trust me, it couldn’t be further from an insult and well worth your time), but it does prove that even with poor graphics, these kinds of games can surprise with their scares.

Half-life: Alyx

Alyx Half-Life Crab

Wait a minute, put your pitchforks down folks. I know what you are thinking “What is a Valve’s first person shooter to do on a horror list? and you’re right, it’s a weird choice, but at least listen to me. This shooter sees Alyx Vance, Eli Vance’s daughter and Gordon’s companion in the Half Life 2 saga, try to save her father and uncover the mysteries behind the structure in the center of her house, City 17. The secrets she uncovers will change her world forever, however.

The thing about Half-life: Alyx is that this is not a traditional VR horror game. Seeing it, you wouldn’t think so. But it’s more here because of the way his fights are. Think about it, you are fighting with your gun as several zombies carrying crabs slowly come crawling towards you. All of them want nothing more than to kill you and join their army of the living dead. There is even an incredibly strong enemy that is almost impossible to kill, but who can only hear you. It can be filled with regular moments of combat against the hostile Combine, but for its headcrab-fighting zombie sections, the intensity alone is what makes it part of this list.

I would love to hear your thoughts though. What VR horror games are you planning to play this Halloween season? Something in this list? Did my unorthodox choice of Half-life: Alyx still too much there? Let me know in the comments!

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