Friday’s Iowa High School Football Championship Results

If Friday’s games are even half as good as Thursday’s, we’re in for one hell of a final for the 2021 Iowa high school football season.

Thursday’s 8-player State Championship games, Class A, Class 1A and Class 4A were decided by a total of 18 points, with 8 points as the widest margin in a three-overtime thriller with Lewis Central beating Cedar Rapids Xavier, 32-24, in 4A.

Friday presents the last three games for the title:

  • Class 2A: South East Valley (11-1) vs West Lyon (10-2), 10am
  • Class 3A: Harlan (12-0) vs. Boyden Hull / Rock Valley (12-0), 1 p.m.
  • Class 5A: Ankeny (10-2) vs. Sud-Est Polk (11-1), 7 p.m.

We’ll cover you here all day with live updates.

Class 5A: Ankeny vs. Sud-Est Polk

Final: South-East Polk 24, Ankeny 7

Returning on September 17, Ankeny defeated Southeast Polk, 21-7.

What a difference a few months can make.

The Rams convincingly managed the Hawks, 24-7, to win the Class 5A football title. They were leading 10-7 at halftime and scored 14 unanswered points in the final two quarters to pull away for a comfortable win. A 19-play, 99-yard practice that took over 10 minutes from the third to the fourth quarter gave Southeast Polk the momentum for good.

Ankeny actually passed the Rams in total yards, 258-257. But Southeast Polk was involved in the early conversions, succeeding on the 17th, compared to Ankeny’s 11.

Jaxon Dailey went 14 for 19 for 133 yards and rushed 11 times for 30 yards and one touchdown, and Abu Sama rushed 18 times for 84 yards and two scores. For Ankeny, JJ Kohl scored 12 for 22 for 169 yards and Colin Kadolph rushed 19 times for 87 yards and the Hawks’ lone touchdown.

In defense, Xavier Nwankpa managed a critical interception in the fourth quarter to put the Rams up to 24-7. Andrew Reed led the Rams with 8.5 tackles, including one sack.

This is the first year with a Class 5A in high school football in Iowa, so Southeast Polk is the very first 5A champion.

3: 13 / Q4: Lower turnover for Ankeny

It just might do it.

JJ Kohl’s fourth and second pass over the Rams 47-yard line fell incomplete and Southeast Polk took possession. Ankeny has the remaining three timeouts, but it seems pretty overwhelming at this point.

5: 08 / Q4: South-East Polk 24, Ankeny 7

Xavier Nwankpa’s interception led to a Rams touchdown, Jaxon Dailey pounding him from 1 yard. Abu Sama also rushed 32 meters on this short trip, including a magnificent 21 meters to get into the 5.

8:12 am / Q4: Big interception of Xavier Nwankpa

Ankeny was driving and JJ Kohl’s 14-yard pass to Brady McCullough put the Hawks on their 35s. Then… Xavier Nwankpa arrived.

The five-star senior security intercepted Kohl’s through pass and returned it to Ankeny 41. He seemed to have twisted his foot on the play and operated it on the sidelines. Ankeny needs his defense to gain strength, and quc

9: 52 / Q4: South-East Polk 17, Ankeny 7

What a drive from the southeast of Polk.

A 19-game, 99-yard run that consumed more than 10 clock minutes over two quarters was capped by Abu Sama’s 3-yard touchdown to give the Rams a 17-7 lead.

Now the Hawks desperately need to find some consistency on offense, and offense hasn’t been on the pitch for a long, long time.

END OF 3: South-East Polk 10, Ankeny 7

Southeast Polk just landed a first try on a 2m pass from Jaxon Dailey to Sam Goode to establish a first and 10m on the Ankeny 15m line. This Rams practice started at their own 1-yard line. Now 15 games later, they’re knocking on the door to stand out with two scores in the Class 5A title game.

3: 45 / Q3: South-East Polk 10, Ankeny 7

Ankeny couldn’t take advantage of a Ryan Crandall interception near the midfielder and returned to Southeast Polk. Now the Rams are driving and a personal foul penalty comes from advancing them to Ankeny’s 36-yard line.

Half-time: South-East Polk 10, Ankeny 7

It’s been a punt party since the end of the first quarter, when Colin Kadolph’s 31-yard run put Ankeny on the board after 10 unanswered Southeast Polk points.

Ankeny will start with the ball in the second half.

Statistics say it’s basically a level game so far. Ankeny slightly edged the Rams in total yards, 156-135. Meanwhile, Southeast Polk has seven first downs, one more than the Hawks’ six.

JJ Kohl completed 5 of 8 passes for 81 yards for Ankeny, and Kadolph has 69 yards and the score on 15 carries. For the Rams, Jaxon Dailey is 7-for-11 for 89 yards and Abu Sama has 50 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries. Cole Filloon leads the Rams with four catches for 70 yards, and Brady McCullough has four receptions for 73 yards for Ankeny.

7:35 am / Q2: Polk’s south-eastern defense holds up

The Rams stuffed Hawk’s running back Colin Kadolph on a fourth and a 1 from their 6-yard line to force a turnaround on the downs, and now they’re leading, still holding a 10-7 lead.

08: 55 / Q2: Check out this pass from JJ Kohl to Brady McCullough

Ankeny is currently in the heart of Southeast Polk Territory thanks to this 37-yard completion by JJ Kohl, a top prospect with offerings from Iowa State, Iowa, Florida State. , from Nebraska and Missouri, to Brady McCullough, a recruit from northern Iowa.

0: 48 / Q1: South-East Polk 10, Ankeny 7

Ankeny got the shock he needed.

Led by three passes from JJ Kohl to Brady McCullough for 36 yards, the Hawks led convincingly to Southeast Polk’s 31-yard line. Colin Kadolph did the rest from there, slicing through the Rams’ defense and sprinting 31 yards for the score.

Game o

4: 43 / Q1: South-East Polk 10, Ankeny 0

So far, everything has been going well for the Rams, who have now scored on their two first-quarter possessions. After forcing Ankeny to punt on the Hawks’ side, and after Xavier Nwankpa returned the punt to Ankeny’s 32-yard line, Southeast Polk won a first down but stalled from there , preparing Josh Wilson for his successful 40. -but of yard land.

It would have been nice at 50 meters too. Easily.

9:01 am / Q1: South-East Polk 7, Ankeny 0

The Rams roamed the field on their first possession, leading the 30-yard pass from Jaxon Dailey to Cole Filloon. Abu Sama totaled 43 yards on five carries, including his 15-yard rushing touchdown.

If Ankeny doesn’t close a few holes quickly, it could be a long night for the Hawks… at least on defense, as Southeast Polk has a powerful and balanced offense.

Class 3A: Harlan vs. Boyden Hull / Rock Valley

Final: Harlan 42, Boyden-Hull / Rock Valley 28

It was Harlan’s second consecutive Class 3A State Title game, but it couldn’t have been different from 2020. Last year the Cyclones lost big, 30-6, to North Scott. This year they have led a strong Boyden-Hull / Rock Valley team, 42-28.

These two teams combined for over 700 total yards on offense, Harlan gaining 396. Quarterback Teagon Kasperbauer completed 20 of 27 passes for 273 yards and a pair of touchdowns, William Kenkel recorded two rushing touchdowns and Harlan’s defense amassed four sacks and two steals.

On the other side, Boyden-Hull / Rock Valley was led by quarterback Tanner Te Slaa with 268 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Harlan led whistle after whistle, ending the first quarter with a 21-7 lead and maintaining a lead of at least 7 points for the remainder of regulation time.

It was Harlan’s 13th state football title in program history and his first since 2009.

Half-time: Harlan 35, Boyden-Hull / Rock Valley 21

The Cyclones take a two-goal lead at halftime in this offensive slugfest, with Harlan quarterback Teagon Kasperbauer and his two touchdown passes in the lead.

Class 2A: South-East Valley vs West of Lyon

FINAL: South-East Valley 30, West Lyon 13

The Jaguars took control of this game in the third quarter and never let go. The two teams traded touchdowns in the final period, leading to the final score of 30-13.

Southeast Valley edged West Lyon in total yards, 370-238, and he played zero-turnover football in his biggest game of the year.

END OF 3: South-East Valley 22, West Lyon 7

The Southeast Valley took control of this game in the third quarter.

First, on the frame’s first possession, Kolson Kruse connected with Tre Fisher on a 54-yard touchdown pass to go up 14-0. Then, after forcing and recovering a fumble in the territory of the west of Lyon, Kruse scored on a scramble towards the goal line to come back 22-0.

West Lyon responded with their first score on an 18-yard touchdown pass from Jaxon Meyer to Jude Moser to bring the score to 22-7. But it looks like the Jaguars are putting their mark on this game as the second half unfolds, because at the start of the fourth it’s already 30-7.

Half-time: South-East Valley 6, West of Lyon 0

The Jaguars broke that defensive stalemate with two big passing plays in their first practice of the second quarter: a 23-yard Kolson Kruse to Tre Fisher and a 57-yard touchdown from Kruse to Eli Fisher. The west of Lyon could not move the ball efficiently on their next try, and here we are at 6-0.

END OF 1: South-East Valley 0, West Lyon 0

Do you like defense? Good. Because until now, everything has been defense in class 2A.

Vallée du Sud-Est and Ouest Lyon, whose attacks went through opponents like butter during the regular season, combined for around 50 total yards in the first quarter and neither team came forward. over 4 yards over 50. There were five punts. Lots and lots of punches. The bettors rejoice.

The Southeast Valley has it right now at the start of the second quarter.

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