Funko Games Reveals Alfred Hitchcock Thriller Rear Window Board Game

Funko Games has already revealed several highly anticipated projects for 2022, and now they’ve announced a brand new game that’s set to skyrocket to the top of many most wanted lists. Today Funko Games announced the rear window of Alfred Hitchcock, a game based on the 1954 Hitchcock film starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, and as you can see in the artwork below, the likenesses of the two stars have been fully licensed for the new board game, which players will try to uncover the identity of the murderer and if there was a murder.

Players will take on the roles of LB ‘Jeff’ Jeffries (Stewart) and Lisa Carol Fremont (Kelly) as they seek to piece together the clues to the unfolding mystery, filled with twists and turns that capture players in the suspenseful story of Hitchcock, while one player assumes the role of Hitchcock himself.

(Photo: Funko Games)

This player will break down the murder mystery director, who must communicate using clues and signs without saying anything to help other players unravel the mystery.

The other players will have to observe the clues and understand the patterns happening in the apartments across the street to determine if there has been a murder and, if so, who the culprit(s) is. Ultimately. The rear window is expected to arrive later this year, and you can find the official description below.

Rear window set

Discover Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Rear Window in this game of deduction and suspense. Watch carefully for strange clues and ominous patterns in the events unfolding in the apartments across the way. There are parties, knives, a saw, bickering, laughter, music… and a mysterious trunk. Do you detect a murder? Or does the secret and private world of neighbors plant scary ideas in your mind?

MSRP: $34.99, 3-5 players, ages 13+, available summer 2022

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