Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel in new vampire thriller, here’s what we know

Former “GoT” Actress Nathalie Emmanuel Now Stars in New Gothic Vampire Thriller

Missing those Sunday nights clinging to your seat watching game of thrones? Well, don’t worry, because a familiar face from the world’s most popular television series is back on the big screen. Nathalie Emmanuel is now starring in the new movie The invitation.Prior to her early acting days, Natalie began playing Missandei in games of thrones, theEmilia Clarke’s right-hand man who played Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

What is The invite on?

The plot follows Natalie Emmanuel who plays Eviea young woman who reconnects with a previously estranged cousin through a DNA test she took. Things take a dark turn when she finds herself guest at a posh estate in the English countryside of her wealthy, long-lost parents and uncovers dark secrets.

Natalie Emmanuel star of “The Invitation”

A vampire horror story with a twist

Emmanuel’s Evie finds herself in serious trouble once she arrives at the spooky mansion. Gradually, she realizes that there is more beyond the surface and that her new family is actually part of the generational bloodline of vampires. Much to Evie’s surprise, she’s basically settled down to be the new bride overseeing a family of vampires (like Bride-zilla but with fangs andvampire).

Beware of the family trap

Emmanuel’s character is lured into the rich trappings of vampire lair because she enters their property under the pretext that she is in fact related to everyone. There’s a palpable sense of discomfort that underscores the entire film as she sees the excessive wealth of her vampire “family” on display. Turns out it’s all a big thing to get Thomas Doherty(Gossip Girl) who plays Walter to marry Emmanuel and continue the nightmarish vampire legacy.

Homas Doherty attends the Fashion Awards 2021 at Royal Albert Hall on November 29, 2021 in London, England. Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Jump or play?

The vampire thriller makes social commentary on many different themes, exploring everything from excessive wealth, class strife, family feuds, a thirst for immortality, and even forbidden love. Natalie Emmanuel said it best in a chat about the movie with The Hollywood Reporter:

What’s also very clear from the trailer and watching the movie is that there’s so much more to it than what’s in the trailer. There is so much more to see, discover and enjoy.

So will accept The invite? You just have to go and test it yourself.

The invite hits theaters on August 26, 2022. Be sure to watch the trailer here:

Learn more here:

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