Halle Berry joins the cast of new thriller Mother Land

Halle Berry is set to star in the upcoming feature thriller Mother Land for 21 Laps, with Crawl director Alexandre Aja helming the project.

Halle Berry should star in the next thriller Mother land. Berry has had some impressive projects over the past two years, as 2020 has seen the actor both starring and making his directorial debut with Netflix. Bruised. Shortly after its debut, Bruised became number one on the most-watched streamers list and received widespread critical acclaim. Berry had a starring role in Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster film last year. moon fall alongside Patrick Wilson.

Now, as reported DeadlineBerry will star in Mother land, which is currently in development at the studio behind the acclaimed sci-fi film Arrival and the hit Netflix series stranger things. The story of Mother land centers on a mother (Berry) and her twin sons, who have been plagued by an evil spirit for years. When one of the boys questions the existence of the spirit, Berry’s matriarch discovers her family’s connection. “broken,” and the thriller “turns into a fight for survival.” Crawl director Alexandre Aja came on board to direct the film, with the screenplay written by Kevin Coughlin and Ryan Grassby. Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Dan Levine will produce the project under 21 Rounds, with Berry and Aja also serving as co-producers.


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Halle Berry in John Wick 3

Perhaps best known for her main franchise roles (having played Storm in the x-men movies and later DC’s Catwoman), Berry has certainly kept herself busy in recent years with a variety of interesting projects. The actor is set to direct another Netflix movie soon titled The mothership, which is currently in post-production. However, teaming up with veteran horror filmmaker Aja for this new thriller will no doubt win audiences over, and they can probably expect a unique twist from the Oscar-winning actress when Mother land finally makes its debut. More details on the film are expected in the coming months.

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Source: Deadline

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