How to make Squid Games Halloween costumes: doll, guards, participants …


Squid game, the Korean thriller, took the world of assault.

Netflix announced that since its release on September 17, more than 111 million accounts streamed at least part of the series. In the United States, the survey body, Morning consultation, found that nearly a quarter of all residents had seen the show.

Most people started watching the show because it was recommended by Netflix or because they saw it mentioned on social networks.

With Halloween just around the corner, many are looking to dress up as some of the show’s most notable characters.

Although various companies now sell ready-made costumes, many are looking to create a DIY version. Most of the basics needed to complete these looks are available at popular retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and others.


One of the most sought-after costumes is the “Red Light, Green Light” doll that monitors players throughout the game. To recreate the outfit worn by the deadly doll, you will need a yellow shirt, like this one from Target. In addition, you will wear a orange dress, like this one from Cider.

To finish the look, add a little white high socks and black shoes, More precisely Mary Janes.

To avoid confusion, you can put your hair in two low braidsor buy a short brown haired wig.


If anyone can get their hands on a green tracksuit, they can complete a player’s costume. Some interested in dressing up as a player manage to find a tracksuit on Etsy. To stick to the costume seen in the show, a person can wear a white t-shirt under their tracksuit.

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Most player costumes that can be purchased will have 467 listed , which means if you want to stand out, you can draw, iron or sew the number of your favorite character.

Throw on White sneakers and the costume is complete. A new report has shown that demand for white slip-on vans increased by more than 7,000 percent since the start of the show.


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The guard costume is quite simple. You will need a red jumpsuit, which may consist of a red shirt, sweatshirt or windbreaker, and pants. A black mask,in the shape of a ski mask, could be purchased for the item covering the face of the costume.

Those looking for a more authentic interpretation can use white duck tape to create a shape on the black maks. To complete the look, we can add black boots and a black belt.

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