‘Hunger Games’ Prequel: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Songbirds and Snakes’

Lucy Gray is a member of the Coveys, a group that had traveled the country before the war as a musical clan. We’ll spare you most of the details. What is The important thing is that when her name is called at harvest, Lucy Gray’s loved ones support her with a song. She joins in, suppressing her tears and accidentally convincing Snow of her potential. Although she’s not prepared for the Games like Katniss was, she’s smarter than most would assume, and her unique view of freedom gives her (and maybe Snow?) something to crave. to fight.

Hunter Schafer as Tigris Snow

Tigris Snow, soon to be performed by Euphoria‘s Hunter Schafer, is one of the few characters to appear in both the main series and the prequel, though we wouldn’t blame you for forgetting about her. In Mockingjay, Tigris is a Capitol ally that looks like, well, a tiger. Face tattoos, mustache implants, etc. She owns a small shop, and she looks after and feeds Katniss’ team while they are on their quest to assassinate the President. In The Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents, it is revealed that the President is his cousin. Tigris acts as both a confidante and a foil to Coriolanus for much of the novel, with her best instincts at odds with her burgeoning cruelty.

Josh Andrés Rivera as Sejanus Plinth

Snow obviously isn’t the only mentor in the 10th Hunger Games. Josh Andrés Rivera (another West Side Story alum) will play Sejanus Plinth, another foil to the future president. The Plinth family was not born in the capital; rather, they are “new money”, having made a fortune during the war. Having been raised in District 2, Sejanus has a moral compass that most of his classmates lack. Despite this, he and Snow form a genuine, if not slightly controversial, friendship.

Peter Dinklage as Casca Highbottom

Casca Highbottom is both Dean of the Academy and the man credited with creating the Hunger Games. As such, he personally oversees the mentorship program that Snow and his classmates participate in, though he is visibly a shell of the man he once was. Pierre Dinklage (game of thrones, Cyrano) will represent it in Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Viola Davis as Dr. Volumnia Gaul

If Lucy Gray is the angel on Snow’s shoulder, Dr. Volumnia Gaul is the devil on her other. Gaul, who will be played by Viola Davis, is the head of the game and the mastermind behind the Capitol’s Experimental Weapons Division. (Think Wes Bentlyby Seneca Crane in The hunger Games, or Plutarch Heavensbee by Philip Seymour Hoffman in Catch fire– but with a much more imaginative mid-streak.) Like Highbottom, Gaul is closely involved in the mentorship program.

What’s going to happen?

However The Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents is billed as a ‘Return to the Games’, you shouldn’t expect a survival thriller in the vein of The hunger Games. The Games depicted in the prequel are a far cry from the futuristic and awe-inspiring sights we’ve seen on screen before. In fact, they take place entirely in a condemned amphitheater.

But, without revealing too much, The Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents is less about the Games than how they became a phenomenon. The story begins before the harvest and continues after a winner is crowned. It takes us through the Capitol, into the arena and, yes, District 12. There are some noxious deaths (hey, Panem hasn’t changed much) and twists that are likely to make your head spin. But at its core, it’s a story of privilege, exploitation and power. This is the story of Coriolanus Snow. And you already know the ending.

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