Is the filming of series 9 of Endeavor about to begin?

Abigail Thaw

Everything was calm on the side of the actors and the team, until the 7and from May 2022, when Effort fan Sue Graham tweeted that actor Abigail Thaw had confirmed she would be returning to the Morse prequel soon, while speaking on Somerset Radio. This interview is not, to our knowledge, currently available to listen to online. Thaw plays journalist Dorothea Frazil in Effort and is the daughter of John Thaw. His run in Tim Firth’s comedy Sheila’s Island concluded this week at the Theater Royal in Bath, releasing her for a potential return to the ITV series.

Effortlead actor – and recently director – Shaun Evans appeared in Moira Buffini’s play Manor at the National Theater from November to December 2021 but its current public program seems clear. BBC Underwater Thriller Vigilwhich Evans appeared in August 2021, has been renewed for a second series, but it’s still early days. Vigil creator Tom Edge has previously cast doubts on whether the second series would repeat the under-tuning, which could eliminate Evans’ Navy coxswain character anyway.

Filming in Buckinghamshire

A few announcements of filming closures taking place in the Buckinghamshire area in May led fans to suspect that the cameras would soon start rolling. Effort Series 9. A section of Henley Reach in Wycombe was closed to moorings due to filming in the week starting Monday 16and of May. This official government notice, however, links this production to MGM, which could well make it the new feature film directed by George Clooney The boys in the boatwhich began filming in the UK at the end of March.

Further filming closures in Marlow, Buckinghamshire this week have been discovered to be due to BBC production great expectationsa new adaptation of Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, which stars Fionn Whitehead and Olivia Colman. Oxford residents should keep their eyes peeled for any upcoming closures in the next fortnight.

A setting from 1972?

If an official Series 9 announcement is coming soon, the new episodes would take Shaun Evans’ character to 1972. Notable real-life political events in that year included the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry and its tragic and convoluted ramifications, which could be linked to Northern Ireland. the posting of Fred Thursday’s British soldier’s son, Sam (who was MIA at the end of series 8), and the seven-week miners’ strike. In the lightest, the pop culture history with which Effort creator Russell Lewis is known for spicing up his scripts, 1972 hosted the start of quiz TV Brainsoap Emmerdale and BBC Radio 4 comedy I’m sorry, I don’t have a clueso we might expect to hear the strange familiar theme in the background of the shot.

As soon as there’s an official word back and forth Effort Series 9, we’ll bring you more.

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