It’s Exciting – New Mystery/Thriller Movie Trailer

Screenwriter Rick Tobin just released his amazing new mystery/thriller script: “The Curse of the Pale Horse.” It feels apocalyptic and biblical and it should, as dangerous new and old secrets are revealed in “The Curse of the Pale Horse” propelling the story’s characters from San Antonio, Texas into a disastrous and dangerous future. Rick noted, “This wild thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

“The Curse of the Pale Horse” is a thrilling mystery/thriller movie storyline about a struggling San Antonio TV reporter having unsettling angelic visitations while facing certain death from a secret right-wing Texas cult. She fights to keep her job while investigating questionable Catholic Church excavations concealing famous lost treasure buried at the Alamo – a cache of silver guarded by a mighty Mayan god preparing to unleash an ancient deadly curse on humanity.

High Hope Publishing helped Rick develop this compelling trailer as a presentation tool for interested film studios. This six-minute mock preview highlights the surprises and twists to come for anyone watching the film. Rick has provided the YouTube video hookup here so any interested party can watch the shocking story in the “The Curse of the Pale Horse.” Rick can be contacted by phone or e-mail for copies of the script and to collaborate on the development of the film.

Rick is retired from a thirty-year career in disaster management and counterterrorism and now lives in San Antonio, Texas. Some of his recent writing has also appeared in the short story collection, “Horror USA: Texas”, as well as short stories in The Mad Scientist’s Diary. His flash sci-fi is often featured at 365Tomorrows in line. He also has several thrillers available on Amazon.

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