Jason Statham in the thriller Bee Keeper


Jason Statham joins the cast of Miramax’s big-budget thriller The Bee Keeper, bringing his record-breaking box office success to the upcoming film.

Miramax picked Jason Statham to star in upcoming big budget thriller The beekeeper. Statham is one of the most successful action stars in Hollywood today with more than $ 7.8 billion in box office profits to his name. He is best known for playing the villainous Deckard Shaw in the Fast Furious franchise beginning with an appearance in Fast & Furious 6. He has appeared in a multitude of action and thriller films, including Italian work, The Expendables series, To spy, and The Meg, many of which depend on Statham’s star power.

Through Deadline, Statham joined the cast of The beekeeper in a leading role. Statham is bringing its box office bankability to a film that has already invested seven figures. Details of Statham’s role were not disclosed, including whether the actor was cast for the lead role. Statham has also signed a producer role alongside screenwriter Kurt Wimmer and Miramax CEO Bill Block. Wimmer also wrote Salt and Law abiding citizen, as well as restarts of Total Recall, Point Break, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Children of corn. Filming is scheduled to begin in 2022 in Atlanta and London, and the project is looking for a director.

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It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact audience for an action thriller about the world of insects, but the bee clade has been more in the public consciousness lately as campaigns to save endangered bees gain ground. ground. Beekeeping has also grown in popularity among environmentally conscious Millennials and Gen Z enthusiasts in recent years. Either way, any box office success will likely be down to the Statham-in-action fail-safe formula rather than the increase in hobbyist beekeeping.

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This will be Statham’s third in a series of recent films starring Miramax after Five eyes and Anger of man, both headed by Guy Ritchie. Route details for The beekeeper have not been released, but the film is billed as a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that is “steeped in the mythology of beekeeping.Block promises that the legend of the bugs will resonate with the public on a human level:

The beekeeper explores universal themes with an unconventional story that will have fans sitting on the edge of their seats.

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