Junglee Pictures Announces Thriller – “Click Shankar”

Junglee Pictures has announced its new production, a fast-paced thriller titled “Click Shankar.” In the title, “Click” refers to the sound of a camera clicking when a photo is taken. “Shankar” is the name of the ringleader, a cop, named Shankar Rebeiro who has a photographic memory and can never forget a sight, smell, taste, sound or sensation.

The film will be directed by Balaji Mohan, who will bring the comedic sensibility that was part of his previous projects – ‘Maara’ 1 and 2, ‘Kaadhalil Sodhapavadhu Yeppadi’. The story and script are written by Binky Mendez with Balaji Mohan. The dialogues will be written by Sumit Arora (of ‘Stree’ and ‘Family Man – 1’ fame) and Suraj Gianani.

Speaking about the film, director Balaji Mohan said, “This film needed a unique vision for its treatment, with the protagonist being an original and one-of-a-kind character. An amalgamation of something deep, dark and edgy wrapped in humor to keep audiences guessing and on the edge of their seats until the end. These synergies couldn’t have matched anyone better than the Junglee Pictures team and developing this project with them has been a great experience. I thought it was the perfect film to make my Hindi film debut, and we can’t wait to showcase all that’s in the works.

Junglee Pictures CEO Amrita Pandey also spoke about the upcoming project and why it’s so exciting. She said, “The concept of Click Shankar originated within the creative team at Junglee Pictures as a character-driven franchise. Binky’s distinctive writing expertise on story and screenplay along with Balaji’s mastery of commercial sensibilities and well-defined mass appeal enhanced the narrative of this film. Sumit & Suraj took it to the next level with sharp and entertaining dialogue. Most importantly, this kind of thriller has heart, making it an exciting opportunity to create something unique.

Junglee Pictures has a busy slate in 2022 and will be releasing a slate of interesting movies including “Doctor G”, “Dosa King”, “Who Ladki Hai Kahaan?”, “Ulajh” and now “Click Shankar”.

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