Kevin Schewe, author of the award-winning ‘Bad Love’ book series, interviewed on Kathryn Raaker’s TV show

Jasper, Indiana, USA – May 5, 2022 – Kevin Schewe was interviewed by The world of Kathryn Raaker TV show about his Bad Love book series, the storylines of the first two books, Bad Love Strikes and Bad Love Tigers, which won international awards, and how the whole series started. With four books published to date, the series is planned for twelve volumes as the bad love ganga group of unlikely teenage heroes, travel through time and space in their quest to protect the world from evil.

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Schewe’s screenplay adapted from the first book, Bad love knocks, has won 14 international awards at prestigious film festivals around the world. In Bad Love Strikes, the gang of teenagers from Oak Ridge, Tennessee accidentally discover The White Hole Project, a World War II time machine created by Albert Einstein at the behest of President Franklin Roosevelt in case where the Manhattan Project atomic bomb would fail. They learn to use Project White Hole, then design a time travel mission to World War II Nazi-controlled Poland to save a group of Holocaust victims from certain death. The pinpoint story and edge-of-your-seat action encourage you to support this unlikely gang of teenage misfits-turned-heroes!

bad love tigers, the second of twelve planned books in the best-selling Bad Love book series, is about a dynamic group of young adventurers, known as the Bad Love Gang, who use a time machine to travel back to the era of World War II, meet President Roosevelt and embark on a perilous secret mission to protect an alien spacecraft and defeat the Japanese in battle. Keeping America’s deepest secret safe at Area 51 depends on the success of their quest. the bad love tigers The screenplay was just released on the international screenplay circuit at the end of February 2022 and has already won 28 international awards. It’s a good mix of action-adventure and sci-fi between Stand by Me and Raiders of the Lost Ark or Back to the Future and Goonies. The strong international interest and accolades it generated show its potential as a blockbuster to attract global audiences of all ages to the big screen.

the bad love tigers the original screenplay has now won 28 awards, including the FEATURE SCRIPT OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the Royal Society of Television and Motion Picture, the OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FEATURE SCRIPT award at the Druk International Film Festival (DIFF) in Bhutan, the BEST FEATURE SCRIPT award in Hollywood on the Tiber Film Award in Rome, Italy, BEST SCENARIO OF THE MONTH at Watch Out International Film Festival in Philadelphia, OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT award at Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF) in West Bengal, India, BEST SCENARIO at New Wave Short Film Festival in Munich, Germany, Best screenwriter in a feature film at the Onyko Film Awards in Ukraine, two screenplay awards at the Golden Wings International Film Awards, BEST THRILLER FILM SCENARIO and BEST SCENARIO OF THE MONTH, Best feature film screenplay at the International Festival of the film Sea of ​​Art in Plock, Poland, Best Feature Film Script at NYCinternational Film Festival, Best Screenplay Feature Film Rio at the Medusa Film Festival, Special Achievement Award at the World Film Carnival-Singapore, Best Sci-Fi Screenplay at the Open Window International Film Challenge in India, Best Plot Award at the Beyond Earth Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay at the Karukrit International Film Festival in India, Best Feature Script at the San Antonio Independent Film Festival in Ecuador, South America, Best Feature Script at the Five Continents International Film Festival, Best Original Screenplay at the Naples Film Awards , Best Feature Script at Cineville Calcutta Global Cinefest in India, Best Feature Script at Mumbai International Film Festival, Best Feature Script and Best Science Fiction Script at Oniros Film Awards in New York, Best Screenplay by science fiction at the New York International Film Awards, best feature film script in London at the BIFF International Film Festival, Best Original Screenplay at the Rome International Movie Awards and Best Feature Film Screenplay Honorable M at the Florence Film Awards.

Bad love knocks script price:

Best Science Fiction Screenplay at the Los Angeles Film Awards; Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival – Best Screenplay; Best Screenplay at the Rotterdam Independent Film Festival; Best Feature Script at the Hollywood International Golden Age Film Festival; New York Tri-State Film Festival – Best Science Fiction Screenplay; Florida Shorts Film Festival – Best Non-Produced Screenplay; Tokyo Gender Celebration Festival – Best Feature Script; Madrid Arthouse Film Festival – Best Unproduced Feature Script; Madrid International Short Film Festival – Best Screenplay; the Seoul International Short Film Festival in Korea – Best Screenplay; and in Munich, Germany at the New Wave Short Film Festival, where it was chosen as the Jury’s Special Screenplay Selection. It also won a silver screenplay award from the Prix Royal Paris; the South Florida International Film Festival for Best Original Young Adult Screenplay and a Gold Screenwriting Award for the International Film Festival’s Depth of Field Science Fiction Adventure. Bad love knocks The screenplay also finished as a finalist and semi-finalist at 23 other international film festivals.

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Each of A bad love The series’ audiobooks are narrated by Alan Carlson, an award-winning narrator with credits in nonfiction, academic, romance fiction, and many other categories. You can buy the audiobook on Audible from Amazon.

The complete set of four books is available on Amazon at or

“If history were taught in this way in school, everyone would be a scholar and educate us not only about our accomplishments but also about the horrors of the past that should awaken and provide insight into the path of a future best. A rare pearl!” – David Holladay, MD, 5 stars

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About Kevin Schewe

Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO, is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in private practice in radiation oncology for over 34 years. He is an entrepreneur, having founded Elite Therapeutics and Bad Love Cosmetics Company, LLC.

A long-time history buff, Schewe is the author of Bad series of love books, a sci-fi adventure for young adults ages 10-100 that covers much of early 20th century history. You can connect with Kevin Schewe through his website or through Instagram @realkevinschewe.

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