‘Killing Eve’ star Jodie Comer to star in thriller ‘The End We Start’

Jodie Comer, known for her role in ‘Killing Eve,’ has been tapped to play the lead role in apocalyptic thriller ‘The End We Start’, which will be directed by Mahalia Belo and produced by the ‘Doctor Strange’ actor. Benedict Cumberbatch. .

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Mahalia Belo will helm the film from a screenplay written by Alice Birch, who in turn adapted it from a novel by Megan Hunter.

SunnyMarch and Anton (Sebastian Raybaud’s financing and production banner) recently announced a production and development deal for a whole series of films and Anton even acquired a minority stake in SunnyMarch.

“The End We Start” is the first project under the new agreement between Anton and SunnyMarch. Production of the film is expected to begin around August 2022. Anton is expected to launch the worldwide sale of the film at the Cannes market and UTA Independent Film Group has taken care of the sale of the film in the United States.

The film will be financed by Anton and BBC Film. The film is said to be set around an “environmental crisis leaving London overwhelmed by floodwaters and a young family torn apart in chaos. As a woman and her newborn baby attempt to find their way home, the profound newness of motherhood is brought to light in an intimate and poetic portrayal of family survival and hope.

The project boasts of some big-budget executive producers, including Jodie Comer herself, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cecile Gaget, Sebastian Raybaud, and Eva Yates. Leah Clarke, Liza Marshall, Adam Ackland, Amy Jackson and Sophie Hunter are the producers.

Meanwhile, actor Jodie Comer will also be seen in HBO’s sex therapy series, “Big Swiss”, which was produced by Adam McKay.

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