Local Parents Share What Happens When Their Kids Watch Scary TV Shows


“I watch and still observe what they watch.” Photo: Getty Images

When Netflix released the South Korean thriller series Squid game, with an age limit of 16, we were surprised to learn that children as young as 8 were watching the controversial series and discussing it with each other at school.

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It would also appear that a total ban is not the way to go, as London mother Polly Mackenzie shared on Twitter:

She says after the school urged kids not to watch the show, the warning only made more kids want to watch the show.

Nonetheless, children are strongly advised not to watch it, and Common Sense Media, one of the leading sources of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools, warns that parents should be aware that the level of violence is ” very intense “in Squid Game.

Local parents

Closer to home, we found that parents were reluctant to let their young children watch this series, but some parents admitted to us that they let their children watch scary movies or series. So we asked some parents if they noticed any changes in behavior after their kids watched scary movies or series.

A mom of two young boys, Jennifer, who owns a daycare center, says she’s careful what her four-year-olds watch on TV and even limits comics to scary themes.

She says it’s because “kids replay what they watch. After all, they’re their role models. They become the character.”

“I’m a big fan of role-playing games when it comes to children, but parents should encourage positive role-playing with their children,” she adds.

She says her kids watched Batman, Ninjas, and other superhero movies, but then started copying the characters, becoming those characters, and fighting with each other.

“I noticed behavioral changes with my four-year-olds. One of my sons was like, ‘Mom, can you turn on the lights’,” she shared, adding that her son was scared when he said this and she noticed that her sleep is also disturbed after watching such movies.

His resolution was to forbid his sons to watch such shows until they were older.

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No change

Mom Kim explained that her four-year-old daughter had watched very scary movies like the Twilight Collection and other vampire movies, but she didn’t seem to be affected after watching them.

“I actually didn’t notice any change in her behavior,” she said, adding that maybe sleeping in the same room as she was helping her daughter not to be afraid.

She says that at three years old, her daughter went through a phase of fear of monsters.

“I made a glitter and water monster spray for her to use in her bedroom. I also showed her Monsters Inc and how monsters can be friendly too,” she said. Explain.

Dad of three daughters, 2, 6 and 11, Tumishang *, said, “I have no problem with my kids watching horror movies because I haven’t noticed any change in their sleeping patterns. or their abnormal behavior. I just like it once they watch a horror movie or something unusual on TV, they talk about it and share ideas about it. “

“It’s positive for me,” said this dad.

Sleep disturbances

Another mom of two boys, Phumelela, says she would notice her seven-year-old boy waking up or screaming like he’s fighting in the middle of the night after watching an action movie or horror movie.

While another mom, Siphokazi, shared that she would hear her children not sleeping peacefully as they would while they were sleeping.

“I watch and I always observe what they watch because I noticed that they have trouble sleeping when they sleep. They were talking while they slept,” she says.

* name changed


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