Longest college football game: Illinois and Penn State + 5 longest games


I thought the thriller in seven extra hours and 146 points between LSU and Texas A&M in 2018 was the heyday of free football.

It looked like the game would never end until Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond found Kendrick Rogers to lift the Aggies against the Tigers in Seventh Overtime. You could have watched about an eighth of the “Lord of the Rings” franchise in the same amount of time.

The peak was not exceeded even three years later. Everyone knows that when Illinois and State of pennsylvania taking the field is going to be a classic. Boy, did the Fighting Illini and Nittany Lions deliver.

The Big Ten game took nine, yes NEW, overtime to declare a winner. How? ‘Or’ What Illinois and Penn State got there seemed different from Texas A&M and LSU’s previous feat due to new overtime rules implemented this year.

Illinois and Penn State 9-OT Thriller

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The Nittany’s Lions had every reason to feel confident before the game. They were the nation’s No.7 team and had just suffered a heartbreaking loss to the No.3 Iowa. After a week off, a clash with Illinois at home was the perfect rebound.

Bret Bielema Fighting the Illini wasn’t just going to tip over. The team has had its ups and downs throughout the regular season – including a loss to UTSA a week after defeating Division foe Big Ten West, Nebraska – but Bielema knows how the game works. conference since his visit to Wisconsin.

Penn State took a 10-0 lead before Illinois reduced it to 10-7 before halftime. Illinois scored in a basket and held the Nittany Lions scoreless in the second half to send the game into over time.

As Jon rothstein Heath Ledger once said as the Joker around 2008 once said, “And here. We. Go.”

The game of overtime started out like any other, but once the second overtime started it took on a whole new aspect thanks to the new rules.

What are the new NCAA overtime rules?

The college football overtime rules most of us know he was introduced in 1996. They are pretty straightforward: each time gets possession of the 25 yard line from his opponent. There is no game clock, only a game clock. Teams must attempt two point conversions after each touchdown starting with third overtime.

In 2019, likely due to LSU and Texas A&M, a wrinkle has been added where teams will execute alternating two-point conversion attempts instead of starting with the ball at 25 starting with fifth overtime.

Then, before this season, the rules were changed again. Teams are required to make two-point conversions after touchdowns in second overtime instead of third. Alternating two-point conversion attempts were also moved to third overtime instead of fifth.

In theory, this would condense the additional periods. As Illinois and Penn State showed us, it gave a wacky ending where no one could find the end zone.

After going scoreless in first overtime, both teams converted field goals in second overtime to tie the game at 16. We then went on five overtime where neither team converted a two-way conversion. points. Illini quarterback Brandon Peters found Isiah Williams to take an 18-16 lead in eighth overtime. Penn State running back Noah Cain responded.

Illinois smashed an assist from PSU quarterback Sean Clifford in ninth overtime to give themselves a shot at the win. Peters rolled over to his right and hit wide receiver Casey Washington in the end zone to seal the deal.

20-18 Illinois. Happy Valley was in shock.

Illinois Achieving the upset victory is remarkable in itself, but the thriller will be remembered as the longest match in college football history in terms of overtime. It had to be the longest five hours of every Penn State fan’s life.

It took place on a weekend where Eli manningthe number was withdrawn in Ole Miss, Tennessee hung with Alabama for a hot second, Kansas nearly shocked Oklahoma, Cincinnati outlived the Navy, Oregon narrowly beat UCLA, Oklahoma state fell to Iowa State, Ohio State fell to crashed Indiana and Georgia was given a week off to prepare for Florida.

5 longest college football games in NCAA history

1. 2021: Illinois 20, Penn State 18 – 9OT

T2. 2018: Texas A&M 74, LSU 72 – 7OT

T2. 2017: West Michigan 71, Buffalo 68 – 7OT

T2. 2006: North Texas 25, CRF 22 – 7OT

T2: 2003: Arkansas 71, Kentucky 63 – 7OT

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