Men Trailer Reveals Alex Garland’s New Horror Thriller

The official trailer for Men arrives, revealing Alex Garland’s new horror-thriller centering on a woman facing shape-shifting terror.

The official Men The trailer arrives revealing Alex Garland’s new horror-thriller centering on a woman facing shape-shifting terror. The film revolves around Harper, a young woman who ventures into the English countryside on a solo vacation following a personal tragedy in hopes of recovery. However, when a woodland entity begins stalking her sharing the appearance of a single man, Harper is forced to confront her darkest memories and fears.

Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley leads the cast of Men as Harper alongside dreadful penny and James Bond alum Rory Kinnear in multiple roles and Paapa Essiedu. Development of the film was first announced in early 2021 when Garland teamed up with A24 to write and direct the horror thriller which began production a few months later in the UK. With production on Men After wrapping in May last year, A24 is looking to build anticipation for the film ahead of its May release.


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After unveiling a new poster for the film, A24 released the official Men trailer. The video reveals Alex Garland’s return to the horror genre with a shifting new take on the grieving protagonist of Buckley as she encounters several men with seemingly the same face. Check out the spooky trailer below:

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The official Men The trailer is a very intriguing and terrifying look at Garland’s return to the horror genre. The Oscar nominee kicked off his career with Danny Boyle’s zombie head shot 28 days later and continued in the genre with uncredited rewrites on its 2007 sequel and Boyle’s sci-fi psychological thriller Sunshine. After proving himself in the director’s chair with the most thoughtful sci-fi thriller Ex-MachinaGarland would return to more terrifying fare with the 2018 adaptation of Annihilationwhich received rave reviews from critics despite its disappointing box office returns.

Given the recent rise of stardom, Jessie Buckley has enjoyed the past few years with major roles in Taboo, Fargo, I’m thinking of ending things and The lost girlthe latter of which earned him an Oscar nomination, it will be interesting to see how Men rates in this trend. While Annihilation was largely overlooked during awards season, Alicia Vikander’s turn as the humanoid robot Ava in Ex-Machina earned him a Golden Globe nomination and many have called for major award ceremonies to better recognize performances in the horror genre, namely those of A24 such as Toni Collette in Hereditary and Florence Pugh in Midsommar. Only time will tell if Men reaches the same heights as previous works by Buckley and Garland when it hits theaters on May 20.

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  • Men (2022)Release date: May 20, 2022

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