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  • Thrillers are naturally appealing, quick novels read with notorious twists.
  • The best thrillers offer a lot of suspense and mystery throughout the novel.
  • This list contains a wide variety of popular books, including detective stories and psychological thrillers.

Known for their shocking twists and turns, thrillers have taken the book industry by storm in recent years for one clear reason: they make reading really fun. Thrillers stand out as gripping stories in a world where so much is vying for our attention. They pile up quickly and hold us tight as we navigate dark corridors and unsolved murders, causing an adrenaline rush just as we turn the page.

Almost half of the books in my personal library are thrillers. I love the “I can’t let go” feeling of a tense plot and twist that makes me want to throw a book against a wall (that’s a good thing – I swear!). I’ve read the vast majority of the books on this list and added the rest based on rave reviews from other thriller enthusiasts. Whether it’s a deeply psychological thriller tale, a fast-paced YA detective story, or a crime thriller too scary to read at night, there’s a book on this list for every fan of thriller.

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