Netflix trailer for French Corrupt Cop action thriller ‘Restless’

Netflix trailer for French Corrupt Cop action thriller ‘Restless’

by Alex Billington
February 6, 2022
Source: Youtube

“How about I tell the police where you buried Barcelo? Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for a French action thriller titled Restlessalso known as Tirelessly, coming to Netflix later this month. Another one of those French films about a sketchy cop who gets into trouble. After going to extreme lengths to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop’s life spirals out of control when he begins receiving threats from a mysterious witness. When the investigation of the missing person is entrusted to one of his colleagues, and an anonymous witness tries to blackmail him, things start to get out of hand. Franck Gastambide stars with Simon Abkarian, Michel Abiteboul, Tracy Gotoas, Jemima West& Serge Hazanavicius. Damn that looks intense! When the French want to take action, they go all out with all kinds of explosive action. Look at this.

Here is the official US trailer (+ poster) by Régis Blondeau Restlesslive from netflix Youtube:

Restless poster

Indicted for corruption, Lieutenant Thomas Blin (Franck Gastambide) must go to his mother’s funeral in the middle of the night. While trying to avoid a dog on the road, he accidentally bumps into a man and kills him instantly. Panicked, he decides to hide the body. Believing to be out of the woods, he finds himself embarked on a downward spiral, when the investigation into the missing individual is entrusted to one of his colleagues, and a mysterious witness tries to blackmail him… Restlessalso known as Tirelessly in French, is written and directed by a French filmmaker Regis Blondeau, an experienced cinematographer making his directorial debut with this film. This hasn’t premiered at any festival or anywhere else as far as we know. Netflix will debut Restless streaming on Netflix from February 25, 2022. Who’s down there?

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