Netflix’s Mole Reboot May Restore Series

The mole is arguably one of the most underrated reality competition series out there, so a recent report from Deadline that the series is being picked up and rebooted by Netflix comes as a welcome surprise. The series ran for five seasons on ABC, during which contestants were tasked with adding money to a $1,000,000 pot that only one person would eventually win. While completing missions during the show, a competitor predetermined by the show’s production team was The Mole – subtly sabotaging everything. The group’s task was not just to make it to the end of the series, but to correctly identify The Mole.

The notion of The mole as a series was unique, with challenges as biting as those of other programs such as Fantastic race and fear factorwhich is why it was so disappointing to learn of its cancellation after season 4. However, after a four-year hiatus, The mole returned for a fifth season – before being canceled again. While it had an interesting and very watchable concept, past iterations of The mole suffered from too many changes in competition, with rules, hosts, gameplay and even the final cash prize changing too quickly for competitors or the public to follow.

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While Anderson Cooper hosted the first two seasons, sports commentator and former professional soccer player Ahmad Rashad replaced him for seasons 3 and 4, followed by journalist Jon Kelley in season 5. The mole also changed its approach when it had two celebrity seasons in Hawaii and Yucatan destinations. It’s pretty clear that The mole had no real direction or idea of ​​what it wanted to be, which is where Netflix can step in. The streamer can iron out previous wrinkles and create a more cohesive show.

Netflix is ​​no stranger to reality TV, offering a large library of wildly popular reality TV shows such as The circle, Soufflé and Glow up. Add spy thriller like The mole can bring a new edge to their lineup and rival Amazon’s so-called James Bond reality show. It can also reinforce the show’s existing strengths. One of the things that made The mole so fun to watch was that the audience really felt like they were playing alongside the contestants – keeping viewers hooked with the players. Netflix can add interactive qualities for viewers at home, similar to what it did for Bandersnatch from Black Mirror special.

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Netflix has ordered ten episodes of the Mole reboot, with the format following the original Belgian version of the series titled From Mol. While few other details have been released, expect the contestants to embark on a globe-trotting adventure for the duration of the series, similar to previous iterations of The mole. Netflix may benefit from a return to The mole roots by creating unique and suspenseful challenges that are just as fun to do as they are to watch. And let’s not forget the espionage: watching The Mole try to outsmart other players and avoid suspicion is one of the highlights of the series.

The mole was a staple of early 2000s television, so this news of a reboot should be greeted with excitement. Hopefully, Netflix has a solid game plan for the structure of the show to learn from past mistakes. It can gain a new audience by improving areas that the ABC version never understood. At the same time, fans of The mole are bound to tune in to the reboot for a healthy dose of nostalgia – which, in the current era of reboots, isn’t such a bad thing. By restarting The moleNetflix truly has the best of both worlds.

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