Netflix’s Squid Game Series Rises to No.1 on Nielsen’s Weekly U.S. Streaming Chart


by netflix Squid game the series knows how to play the game when it comes to blowing up the charts.

The numbers are there, and it looks like Squid game is # 1 in Nielsen’s US Weekly Streaming Chart. The binge-worthy Korean thriller has played in 142 million homes, streaming 1.9 billion minutes. What’s important to keep in mind is that Nielsen only tracks screen time measured in the United States, which means Netflix Squid game the series is even bigger than that.

The show is so big that South Korean internet provider SK Broadband sued Netflix to pay for costs related to increased network traffic and maintenance work due to an unprecedented increase in viewership. . Squid game also received an increase in audience after a Saturday Night Live sketch parodying the dystopian drama has exploded on social networks.

For now, it seems the only thing that can stop Netflix Squid game series of tearing the cards is the time. I’ll tell you, however, that sales of Halloween costumes based on the series are going to be out of control this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to have several Squid game competitors come knocking on my door on the scariest vacation, and neither do you.

What would you do if you were invited to participate in Squid game? Money is good, but are you willing to risk your life for it? Let’s say you are playing; how long do you think you will last? I think I would be fine in a part of Red Light Green Light, but the rest of the challenges are up for debate.

Below is the full top 10 from Nielsen’s most recent chart. With a few exceptions, all titles are on Netflix:

Squid game – 9 episodes, 1.9 billion minutes of viewing

Lucifer – 93 eps., 860M min.

Sex education – 24 eps., 856M min.

CoCoMelon – 12 eps., 675M min.

Criminal minds – 316 eps., 651M min.

Midnight Mass – 7 eps., 566M min.

NCIS – 353 eps., 546M min.

Ted lasso (Apple TV +) – 20 eps., 509M min.

Grey’s Anatomy – 376 eps., 462M min.

The circle – 36 eps., 436M min.

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