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The BBC has released a series of first images for its new thriller, Inside man – and they’re just as disturbing as you might expect.

Not much is currently known about the show’s premise, but this is the first time we’ve seen its star-studded ensemble in action. For now, plot details are being kept under wraps, but what is evident is that the story will follow a prisoner on death row in the United States, a vicar in a quiet English town and a math teacher trapped in a cellar.

What is their connection, you will ask me? We don’t have the answers, but it looks like the paths will cross in a dramatic way. With It’s a sinLydia West star Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, all featured in this series, this is sure to be a captivating watch.

BBC new series Inside Man
It looks like Stanley Tucci will be playing the title role of Inside Man.

The footage, which aired by the BBC yesterday, has already received much fanfare.

They show a desperate Stanley Tucci as the holder Inside man, David Tennant as vicar and Lydia West possibly assisting Tucci in prison. Elsewhere, we see Pursuit of loveDolly Wells and HannaLyndsey Marshal is also part of the main cast.

Although no information accompanies the images, the show is already set to be a hit among BBC thriller fans. Written and created by Steven Moffat and produced by Sue Vertue for Hartswood Films, both said, “This is the best ensemble we’ve ever had the chance to work with. It’s a rare privilege to see scripts come to life as beautifully as this one.

BBC new series Inside Man
It’s A Sin star Lydia West who could possibly help Stanley Tucci’s character in one way or another.

The mini-series will consist of four 60-minute episodes and will hit our screens via BBC One and BBC iPlayer next year.

BBC Drama Editor-in-Chief Ben Irving also says: “Steven Moffat has created another brilliantly original and darkly playful series in Inside man and it’s no surprise that he drew such an extraordinary cast. It will be a “must see” when it lands. ”

BBC new series Inside Man
Dolly Wells in the BBC’s Inside Man.

Additional casting news has also been released and includes Lyndsey Marshal (Dracula), Atkins Estimond (Upper town), Mark Quarterly (Damn), Tilly Vosburgh (Maigret), Louis Olivier (Midnight Mass), Kate Dickie (The witch) and Dylan Baker (Hunters).

Of course, we’ve got a bit of time to wait for this drama, but it looks like it will be both short and very intriguing when it finally hits our screens.

BBC new series Inside Man
Lyndsey Marshal in the BBC’s Inside Man.

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